Much like settling a personal injury case, settling a workers’ compensation claim in Missouri is far from simple. You will need to consider numerous factors before deciding what a fair settlement amount would be for your claim, or even whether it is the right time to discuss a settlement in the first place. You should also know that the insurance company offering the settlement will prioritize their own best interests over yours.

When it comes to getting positive results from workers’ compensation settlements in Creve Coeur, there is no substitute for representation from an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer at OnderLaw. Our dedicated legal counsel can take the lead in making sure you get all the expenses and losses you’re entitled to receive. We will then work to ensure those losses will be compensated fairly by any settlement you end up accepting. At OnderLaw, we are on and by your side every step of the way.

Basic Steps in the Workers’ Compensation Settlement Process

In Creve Coeur and throughout Missouri, workers’ compensation settlements are voluntary agreements between a claimant (you) and the insurance company providing coverage to your employer. More specifically, a settlement is a legally binding agreement that compels the insurance company to offer you a single lump-sum payment that is supposed to include enough money to cover all of your current and future medical expenses and disability payments related to the injury.

Typically, this is done through a standardized Stipulation for Compromise Settlement Form provided by the Missouri Department of Labor, which will include the following information:

  • The financial value of the settlement
  • Any medical expenses that have already been paid for the claimant
  • Any disputes about facts relevant to the claim that has not yet been resolved
  • The amount of temporary or permanent, partial or total disability payments the claimant will receive
  • Whether any—and if so, how much—compensation the claimant will receive through Missouri’s Second Injury Fund

Once all involved parties sign off on this form, it will go to an administrative law judge (ALJ) for approval. The ALJ will typically always agree to a settlement unless there is evidence that:

  • There was fraud
  • There was duress
  • The claimant did not fully understand their rights
  • There was undue influence involved in the settlement process

In any event, once an ALJ approves the settlement, the matter is permanently finalized, and the case is closed. There is no avenue for appeal.

Due to the permanence of this process, working with our team of qualified attorneys at OnderLaw is essential to getting the adequate settlement amount you need and deserve for your losses.

What Is a Fair Value for a Workers’ Comp Settlement?

What counts as a fair value for a workers’ compensation settlement in Creve Coeur depends entirely on the unique claimant—and more specifically, on what losses their injury or illness has already caused and what costs they can expect to incur in the future.

It is worth reiterating that settling a workers’ comp claim permanently and irreversibly closes that case. If a work-related injury or illness suddenly worsens after a settlement is approved, the claimant cannot return and ask for more money from the insurance company.

Because of this, it is almost always best for claimants to wait until they reach what’s called Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) before even starting the process of negotiating a settlement. However, this can be tricky for long-term injuries that may not allow a claimant to reach MMI within normal statutory filing deadlines.

Either way, guidance from experienced legal representation can be key to getting through this process quickly, efficiently, and with a result that serves your best interests. Our team at OnderLaw is dedicated to helping people in our local communities, just like you, seek the fair payments needed to recover from work-related injuries or illnesses.

A Creve Coeur Attorney Can Help with Workers’ Compensation Settlements

Pursuing a settlement for your workers’ comp claim can be nerve-wracking under even the most favorable circumstances. When your settlement determines the quality of life you will have after a debilitating work-related injury, it is crucial to have capable lawyers on your side throughout the process.

Help is available to negotiate workers’ compensation settlements in Creve Coeur from our skilled workers’ comp attorneys at OnderLaw. Call today for a free consultation with one of our committed legal professionals. At OnderLaw, we don’t just take on cases, we take on causes.