A Commitment to St. Louis and Beyond and a Commitment to Safer Products and Homes for Everyone

OnderLaw is actively involved in the greater St. Louis community as well as being engaged on a national level. The firm is a proud contributor to many charities and organizations that seek to make products safer for family homes and to find cures for diseases such as ovarian cancer. In many cases, OnderLaw is not only supporting an extremely worthwhile cause, but also supporting the organizations that have helped a number of the firm’s clients get through extremely difficult and life-changing situations.


Organizations We Support

Below are some of the organizations that OnderLaw is proud to support; we encourage everyone to learn more about these organizations and the vital role they play in American society.

2024 OnderLaw Children of Parents with Cancer Scholarship 2024 OnderLaw Children of Parents with Cancer Scholarship

2024 OnderLaw Children of Parents with Cancer Scholarship

Our team at OnderLaw knows all too well the devastation families go through when a parent is diagnosed with cancer. The Children of Parents with Cancer Scholarship asks students to answer the question: What would you tell your younger self about what’s important in life based on what you’ve learned from cancer? 

Visit our scholarship page to learn more.

tots  tots 

Toys for Tots

OnderLaw held a toy drive for Toys for Tots at the firm’s annual holiday party held in December of 2015. One of the most widely attended holiday events and legal profession functions in the metropolitan St. Louis area for the entire year, attendees donated more than 500 toys and almost $2,000 to the area Toys for Tots program.

madd logo madd logo

Mothers Against Drunk Driving ( MADD )

OnderLaw is a proud sponsor of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). This organizations focuses prevention of drunk driving and helping victims of drunk driving accidents

parents for window blind logo parents for window blind logo

Parents for Window Blind Safety

PFWBS was created to support parents whose children have been seriously injured or killed by dangerous cords, to educate consumers about the dangers of accessible window covering cords in homes, daycare facilities, and military housing, to help create safer standards in the industry, to encourage industry to innovate safer products, and to test window coverings products for safety.


St. Louis Ovarian Cancer Awareness

St. Louis Ovarian Cancer Awareness is committed to impacting ovarian cancer survivorship by promoting awareness of early warning signs and standards of care, funding ovarian cancer research, and supporting survivors.

lupus group  lupus group 

Lupus Foundation of America Walk

The Lupus Foundation of America is the only national force devoted to solving the mystery of lupus, while giving caring support to those who suffer from its brutal impact. OnderLaw was privileged to be part of the St. Louis Walk to End Lupus Now and support the vital work this organization does.