Tasigna (nilotinib), a cancer treatment in wide use across the globe, has been linked to the deadly vascular condition known as atherosclerosis. Marked by a narrowing of the veins, Tasigna atherosclerosis emerges rapidly with little warning and can result in tissue death leading to limb amputation, coronary artery disease, and death. Research first showed a connection between Tasigna and atherosclerosis in 2011, but atherosclerosis has not been added to the Tasigna side effects list. Many Americans have consented to take this powerful cancer drug to treat Philadelphia chromosome-positive chronic myeloid leukemia without knowledge of serious and potentially life-threatening Tasigna side effects.

Tasigna, a product of the Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis, was approved by the FDA in 2010. Tasigna atherosclerosis lawsuits are not the first legal troubles Tasigna has caused for the company. In 2013, Novartis paid $390 million to resolve a Justice Department case for the payment of illegal kickbacks to physicians prescribing Tasigna and misbranding and false advertising of the drug. Perhaps only issuing Tasigna atherosclerosis warnings when forced to do so, Novartis acknowledged Tasigna vascular side effects in Canada in 2013 but has never warned the American medical community. Tasigna maintains its position as a top-ten selling cancer drug worldwide, bringing Novartis more than $1.7 billion in sales in 2016.

Persons and the family members of persons who suffered from Tasigna atherosclerosis, amputation, peripheral artery disease, or another serious Tasigna side effect may be eligible for compensation for harm and suffering by filing a Tasigna lawsuit. As a leading medical products liability firm, our Tasigna attorneys have a strong track record of winning major cases on behalf of American consumers harmed by the actions of pharmaceutical giants. Our Tasigna lawyers are offering free, no-obligation Tasigna atherosclerosis case review to persons and families members of persons who suffered from cardiovascular problems after taking Tasigna.

Tasigna Side Effects

Severe and fatal Tasigna complications now include atherosclerosis, peripheral artery disease, limb amputation and death, according to medical research. The risk of serious Tasigna complications has been documented in multiple peer-reviewed medical journals since 2011. Novartis warned Canadians of the risk of cardiovascular Tasigna side effects in 2013, yet has never warned American consumers. Read for full information on Tasigna complications including cardiovascular problems such as rapid-onset atherosclerosis, peripheral arterial disease, limb amputation and death. Read full Tasigna complications information.

Tasigna Atherosclerosis

The risk of Tasigna atherosclerosis was detected in clinical studies published in 2011, and a Tasigna atherosclerosis warning was added to the drug’s warning label in 2013. However, many Americans are unaware of the risk of Tasigna atherosclerosis and continue to consent to using this powerful cancer drug without full knowledge of the risks. Rapid onset atherosclerosis from Tasigna can result in tissue death and the need for limb amputation, as well as other cardiovascular problems, peripheral arterial disease, and death. Read for full Tasigna atherosclerosis warning information.

Tasigna Lawsuits

Persons and family members of persons who have suffered from Tasigna atherosclerosis, amputation, or peripheral arterial disease may be entitled to compensation through filing Tasigna  lawsuits against Novartis.Our lawyers handling Tasigna atherosclerosis lawsuits are offering no-cost, no-obligation case reviews to persons who match this description. Our attorneys believe that filing Tasigna lawsuits against Novartis is the only means to recover compensation for suffering and loss and hold the drugmaker responsible. Our lawyers handling Tasigna lawsuits work on contingency, meaning you pay nothing unless we win compensation for you.

Tasigna Lawsuit FAQs

Compiled by attorneys handling Tasigna lawsuit claims, the FAQ provides answers that will apply to most common Tasigna lawsuit questions for filing a claim anywhere in the United States. To discuss the specifics of your situation with an experienced attorney handling Tasigna lawsuit claims, please contact our firm directly. Anyone who has suffered from Tasigna complications qualifies for a no-cost, no-obligation Tasigna lawsuit case review. Read full Tasigna lawsuit questions and answers.

Tasigna Attorneys

As experts in the realm of products liability litigation, our Tasigna lawyers understand that choosing an attorney is a significant decision. Our goal is to provide you with resources and information, whether or not you choose to work with our Tasigna lawyers. Backed by a large national firm, our Tasigna attorney team works tirelessly to provide premier legal services and pursue justice on behalf of our clients. Contact a Tasigna lawyer for a free, no-obligation case review. Read full Tasigna attorney information for filing a lawsuit against Novartis.