From air pollution to water contamination, the damage that corporate greed and negligence can do to the environment is well-known and well-documented. Sadly, many companies only care about profit margins and their bottom lines. These environmental hazards are often allowed to continue unhindered and unregulated, resulting in tremendous and even deadly consequences.

We are passionate about creating change. Standing together and holding corporations financially accountable in a court of law is often the only thing that stops them from polluting our water, air, and soil.

We’re not just taking on cases; we’re taking on causes, and we believe we’re part of something much bigger than ourselves. Together with families and individuals just like you, we’re standing up to some of the world’s biggest corporations to tell them enough is enough. We’re doing it for your family, for our families, and for generations to come.

We’ve already played a major role in forcing companies like Bayer-Monsanto, 3M, and other corporate giants to make our water, soil, and air safer. We’re not afraid to stand up to their high-paid teams of lawyers and phony science. Not only do we have the experience to follow through; we’re armed with passion, purpose, and determination.

If you, your business, or someone you love has been financially damaged or physically harmed by PFAS, PCBs, or other deadly environmental polluters, we want to talk. We hope you will stand with us to make a difference. Call one of our passionate and experienced environmental lawyers at OnderLaw. We will evaluate your potential claim and advise you on taking legal action. We will help you understand your legal rights and fight to hold the negligent companies accountable for the consequences of their actions.

Who Can File an Environmental Pollution Lawsuit?

OnderLaw represents individuals, large and small businesses, tribal nations, municipalities, water companies, and school districts, as well as anyone or any other entity that has been physically or financially impacted by environmental pollution.

It doesn’t matter how big or small you may be. When we stand together, we stand strong.

Common Forms of Environmental Litigation

There are many types of environmental litigation for different scenarios. For example, groundwater contamination is a common issue in many environmental cases. When hazardous chemicals or other similar toxins are released into a community’s drinking water or private wells, the results can be devastating. Residents may suffer severe physical consequences like liver, lung, kidney, and immune system damage, congenital disabilities, and various cancers.

Other common environmental issues and cases that our attorneys handle include:

  • Air pollution
  • Tribal land pollution
  • Agricultural pollution
  • Mining pollution and contamination
  • Industrial waste pollution

These issues can arise from a corporation’s careless or even intentional actions.

For example, cost-saving measures by big corporations can lead to the accumulation of hazardous waste sites or building factories that release dangerous chemical emissions in the local community. Companies may take advantage of federal loopholes or enact aggressive lobbying to prevent residents from filing lawsuits and pursuing compensation.

At OnderLaw, our environmental attorneys stand up to these companies and fight for our neighbors and communities.

Pursuing an Environmental Claim

Complaints from residents may pile up after a contamination event or years of polluting actions. Some of these complaints may progress to legal action. At this point, residents may be contacted by a corporate representative or insurance adjuster for the company involved.

Do not be fooled into thinking these people have your best interests at heart. Corporations and their insurers want to resolve the matter as quickly as possible, with little regard for what you and your community have suffered.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that, if a corporation is doing bad things, the EPA, FDA, or some other regulatory body will step in and do what’s right. Sadly, corporate wrongdoing often continues unchecked.

This is why it is vital to work with our tenacious environmental attorneys at OnderLaw. We will tirelessly fight back against corporate representatives and their tricks. We will not rest until we get justice on your behalf.

Reach Out to an Environmental Attorney Today

Let us stand with you if you or a loved one has sustained injuries or illnesses from air pollution, toxic drinking water, or other environmental hazards perpetrated by corporate wrongdoing. The environmental lawyers at OnderLaw will listen to your story and help determine the best course of action in your situation.

It is crucial that you contact our firm as soon as possible. Although some injuries caused by toxic environmental hazards can take years to discover, there are still strict legal time limits for pursuing these types of cases. Do not delay in reaching out to our firm and getting the help you deserve. Call today to arrange a legal consultation.

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