Even though it is supposed to be a lifeline for workers who suffer serious injuries or illnesses on the job, obtaining comprehensive benefits from workers’ compensation, as it currently exists in Missouri, can be deceptively difficult. The filing process can be long and tedious, and there are numerous ways in which a small error or omission could unnecessarily drag that process out or even lead to your claim being outright rejected.

If you have questions about how to apply for workers’ compensation in Creve Coeur or what kinds of benefits you could get through a successful claim, a qualified workers’ comp attorney at OnderLaw can provide all the answers you need during a confidential consultation. Our experienced lawyers can explain how the process works, what will be expected of you as a claimant, and what deadlines you should keep in mind as you proceed with your claim.

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What to Do Immediately After a Work-Related Injury

The first step to applying for workers’ compensation in Creve Coeur or anywhere else in Missouri after sustaining an injury or illness on the job is reporting it in writing to an immediate supervisor at work. While it is always best practice to provide this notice as quickly as possible after discovering a work-related injury or illness, failing to do so within one month of discovery often leads to the claim being denied and the claimant not getting any benefits.

Technically, this is all the typical worker should have to do in terms of formally filing a workers’ comp claim in Creve Coeur, since their employer is legally required to continue the claim process. Employers notified properly of on-the-job injuries or illnesses are supposed to immediately notify both their workers’ comp insurance provider and the state Division of Workers’ Compensation Insurance. They should also provide their injured or sick employee with a list of approved physicians from whom they can seek medical care.

Unfortunately, employers do not always follow the proper procedures for filing workers’ comp claims. That is why retaining the dedicated legal team at OnderLaw is essential. We don’t just take on cases, we take on causes. We care deeply about helping you get the compensation you need and deserve to recover fully from your work-related injury or illness. We won’t let your employer neglect your claim.

Applying for Workers’ Comp Benefits Within Applicable Deadlines

Provided that you seek treatment from approved physicians and comply with all instructions from your doctor, you should have all your medical bills covered and receive reimbursement for a portion of your lost work income during recovery. However, it is more common than you might think for workers’ comp insurers to deny certain types of benefits to claimants who should qualify to receive them.

In this kind of scenario, you have two years after your initial accident, final doctor’s appointment, or final benefits payment—whichever comes latest—to fill out a Claim for Compensation form and submit it yourself. If your employer violates the law and fails to file a claim after being properly notified of your work-related injury or illness, you have three years at most to file a claim on your own.

Keeping track of all these deadlines can be exhausting—which is why we’re prepared to do all the work for you. Our team at OnderLaw is committed to helping you get fair payments for your losses quickly and efficiently.

A Creve Coeur Attorney Can Explain How to Apply for Workers’ Compensation in More Detail

Most of the responsibility for the workers’ compensation application process in Missouri falls on employers rather than injured employees. However, knowing how to apply for workers’ compensation in Creve Coeur is still important, since you may need to do it yourself to ensure you get the benefits you need.

Guidance from a capable team of lawyers can make a huge difference in how efficiently you can get through your claim and how much compensation you can obtain. Call OnderLaw today to learn more.