Lawsuits for Ketoacidosis After Invokana Use

Invokana is a new drug prescribed in recent years to patients battling type II diabetes. Promising to help regulate the body’s blood glucose levels, the drug has become widely popular and is expected to garner annual sales of $468 million by 2016. However, new information has recently surfaced showing that patients who take Invokana are at risk for serious and life-threatening health problems. Individuals and family members of persons who suffered Invokana side effects are filing lawsuits against Janssen Pharmaceuticals nationwide for the company’s failure to warn consumers of Invokana risks.

Invokana Side Effects

Invokana, generic name canagliflozin, is a SGLT2 inhibitor (sodium-glucose co-transporter-2), meaning the drug diminishes blood glucose levels by allowing glucose to exit the body with sodium in the urine stream.

Research shows that Invokana is somewhat effective at moderating blood glucose levels, though perhaps is not as effective as older drugs used for the same purpose. Of grave concern is new information indicating that Invokana patients are at risk for a number of health problems as a result of the drug, including ketoacidosis, kidney impairment and kidney failure, cardiovascular problems such as heart attack and stroke, broken bones, and bone density diminishment. These conditions constitute serious health problems, resulting in long-term harm and fatality.

Patients who have been harmed by these side effects were not warned before they took the drug. Neither were their doctors. It is primarily through the adverse event reports of the first users of this drug that we have learned of its risks. Had the drug company conducted adequate research initially, many of these cases could have been avoided.

Invokana FDA Warnings

Invokana side effects have been announced through two separate FDA warnings during 2015. The first, released in the spring of 2015, outlined the risk of ketoacidosis, a toxic blood acid problem, arising from Invokana. Left untreated, ketoacidosis is fatal.

The second FDA Invokana Warning came out in September of 2015. This time, federal regulators were warning the medical community of the risk of bone fracture and bone density loss from taking Invokana. This particular side effect was the subject of a study required for FDA approval; apparently this risk has been long suspected. Other research still underway includes a study of Invokana cardiovascular risks and pediatric problems.

While the FDA still approves of Invokana for use in type II diabetics, some doctors have publicly questioned whether the drug should still be prescribed, saying it is more expensive, less effective, and more dangerous than older alternatives.

Invokana Lawsuits for Kidney Problems, Blood Acid, Heart Attack, Stroke, Broken Bones and Other Side Effects

Anyone who has encountered a serious side effect from Invokana may have legal grounds to file a lawsuit against Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. For failing to warn consumers of the risks posed by Invokana, the company has put countless Americans at risk without their knowledge.

Our firm believes that Invokana lawsuits can recover real compensation for the medical expenses, lost income, pain and loss suffered by families harmed by the drug. If this pertains to you, contact our firm to learn about your legal options. We provide free, no-obligation case reviews during which we listen to your story and answer your questions as thoroughly as possible.

Invokana Ketoacidosis Attorneys

Having advocated for families in the aftereffects of many different dangerous products and pharmaceutical recalls, our firm recognizes the very serious nature of Invokana lawsuit claims. Seeking justice on behalf of your family is our utmost goal, and we have committed our firm’s extensive resources toward providing superior legal representation for Invokana lawsuits for ketoacidosis, problems, heart attack, stroke, bone fractures, and other serious side effects of Invokana.

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