In theory, workers’ compensation should cover all your medical bills and a substantial portion of lost wages that you have to deal with because of any work-related injury or illness. In practice, though, actually getting the benefits you should be legally entitled to can be far from a simple process. Unfortunately, it is common for injured or sick workers to have their initial claims rejected by their employer, their employer’s insurance provider, or both simultaneously.

Fortunately, you have a few options available for contesting this kind of denial, as well as assistance from an experienced workers’ comp attorney at OnderLaw. With a Creve Coeur workers’ compensation denial lawyer on your side, you stand a far better chance of getting your claim back on track after a denial than you would have on your own. Allow us to take up your cause and fight for the fair payments you deserve.

Common Reasons for Workers’ Comp Claim Denials

Under Missouri state law, workers’ compensation insurance is supposed to kick in whenever a covered employee sustains an injury or contracts an illness as a direct result of either:

  • An accident which occurred while they were performing work-related tasks
  • Conditions they were exposed to while working

It is important to emphasize this when discussing workers’ compensation claim denials in Creve Coeur, because most of those denials stem from an employer or insurer arguing that one or more of those key qualifying conditions was not met.

For example, while workers’ comp should cover accidents that make a worker’s preexisting injury significantly worse, the preexisting injury itself would not be covered, nor would any injury caused primarily by non-work-related actions or conditions. Because of that, workers who cannot provide extensive evidence proving that their injury happened at work and directly because of work-related conditions may have their claim denied. Likewise, denials may be based on allegations that the injured or sick employee:

  • Is exaggerating the severity of their condition
  • Failed to comply with reporting requirements outlined under state law
  • Contributed to causing their injury through their own intoxication, horseplay, or other form of negligence

A skilled Creve Coeur workers’ comp denial attorney can help determine the specific grounds for denial and take appropriate action to address it. Insurance companies are not on your side, but we will be.

Resolving a Workers’ Comp Denial in Creve Coeur

Sometimes getting past a workers’ comp claim denial is as simple as providing additional evidence to support your side of the story or correcting a procedural error in an earlier application. In other situations, though, it may be necessary to seek mediation through the state Division of Workers’ Compensation Insurance or even get an Administrative Law Judge to review the claim.

The appeals process for workers’ comp cases is extremely complex. It tends to have exceptionally high stakes, as a denial typically means you will never get any additional benefits. Guidance from a proactive workers’ comp denial lawyer in Creve Coeur can be vital to getting through this process efficiently and pursuing a positive final result. Let the committed legal team at OnderLaw fight for the justice you deserve.

A Creve Coeur Workers’ Compensation Denial Attorney Can Help

Getting past a denial of your workers’ comp claim may initially seem impossible; however, it is important to understand that you have a right to contest this kind of decision and have help available from capable and compassionate legal professionals.

Contacting a Creve Coeur workers’ compensation denial lawyer at OnderLaw can be a key first step toward getting the comprehensive benefits you need after a work-related accident. Call today to schedule a meeting with one of our qualified attorneys.