While demolitions are a common feature of construction sites needed to make way for new projects, profound hazards can accompany this kind of work. Demolition workers are frequently subjected to tremendous risk, and if one thing goes wrong, a catastrophic accident can ensue.

These legal cases can become highly complicated quickly, as they often involve multiple parties who played a role in what happened. Meanwhile, workers involved in a demolition accident may be left facing short-term or even permanent disabilities.

A St. Louis demolition accident lawyer can help you seek all benefits you are entitled to claim when you are injured in this type of construction site incident. A dedicated construction injury attorney at OnderLaw can make sure your case gets the attention required so you can focus on recovering from your accident.

Common Construction Demolition Accidents and Injuries

While demolition work is essential to many construction projects, there are inherent dangers in these work zones, such as:

  • The threat to the integrity of other buildings in the area
  • The threat of a hazard from flying rubble and debris
  • The risk of releasing dangerous or even deadly chemicals that may have existed in the former structure

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) has outlined various precautionary steps for construction employers to carry out before implementing a demolition to prevent a serious or deadly accident. For example, workers involved in the demolition must be adequately trained beforehand and provided with appropriate personal safety equipment. The construction company should also take care to discover and plan for potential dangers that could complicate the demolition, such as active power lines in the vicinity.

Demolition accidents often result from:

  • Machinery accidents
  • Electrocution accidents
  • Falling debris, when the explosion injures one or more workers, or workers were not sufficiently clear of the area before the structure was torn down

Burns, crushing injuries, and long-term occupational diseases are just a few of the potential outcomes when a faulty demolition happens on a construction site.

In some cases, a catastrophic injury or death from a demolition accident may occur because someone was negligent. When you are injured in a demolition accident, a St. Louis attorney at OnderLaw can help you get the benefits you need and deserve.

Recovering Compensation After a Demolition Accident

Depending on the chain of events that led to your injuries in a demolition accident, you may be entitled to file one or multiple types of legal claims seeking financial recovery. If you were working on a construction site and were injured in a demolition accident, a St. Louis lawyer can help you submit your workers’ compensation claim and navigate the entire case process on your behalf.

Even if it seems clear that your injury is work-related, workers’ compensation carriers often use various tactics to reduce the amount they must pay. You can’t usually sue your employer, even if you think they did something wrong. Workers’ compensation benefits may be the exclusive legal remedy for injured construction workers in some cases, but not all.

Since multiple parties are usually involved in a demolition project, this could mean that someone other than your employer may bear legal responsibility for your injuries. The construction superintendent, a general contractor, or an equipment manufacturer are just a few examples.

Workers’ compensation benefits can pay for temporary or permanent disability based on a portion of your average weekly earnings. Workers’ compensation should also cover all your medical treatment related to your demolition accident injury.

If you are eligible to file a third-party claim, such as a product liability or personal injury lawsuit, you could collect other forms of compensation. These could include the full value of your economic, non-economic, and potentially punitive damages.

Economic damages include specific costs like your medical bills, while non-economic damages cover losses that don’t have a specific dollar amount, like pain and suffering. Punitive damages are not awarded in all cases but may be included if the at-fault party acted particularly egregiously.

Get Help from a St. Louis Demolition Accident Attorney

With employees working on a demolition site, proper training and safety checks can go a long way to avoid a horrible accident. However, you should be entitled to workers’ compensation if you are injured while working because of a demolition accident. Those benefits can pay for some of your lost wages and cover your medical bills.

Sometimes, the insurance company or your employer may try to stop benefits too soon before you are ready to return to work or even deny the claim. A St. Louis demolition accident lawyer can work to help you collect maximum benefit payments for your injuries.

Our team of proactive attorneys at OnderLaw can speak with medical experts, witnesses, and other parties to build a rock-solid case for compensation. We can also manage any necessary appeals and advise about your right to file a personal injury lawsuit if a third party is at fault. Contact us today to receive a free, personalized consultation about your case.