The collapse of a residential or commercial apartment building can have immediate and catastrophic consequences. A building collapse could stem from various factors, such as a natural disaster.

However, reckless errors are far too common in these situations. A St. Louis building collapse lawyer at OnderLaw can help you navigate the aftermath of this traumatic event. When you or a loved one are harmed in a building collapse, our experienced construction accident attorneys can dig deeper into the chain of events that led to the incident and assess whether one or more parties may owe you compensation for your injuries.

Liability for a Building Collapse

When buildings are being properly maintained and inspected on a regular basis, any issues that could cause the structure to collapse in the future should be identified. This means that any such risks can usually be dealt with well before a catastrophe like a building collapse could come to fruition.

As a result, when a building collapses, negligence is often at the root. Design flaws and poor construction practices are two common potential causes of building collapses.

Foundation issues, aging, or corrosion can occur over time, even if the structure is inherently sound. However, if building management does not promptly address these concerns, the risk of a collapse could be imminent. An industrial accident, fire, or gas leak could also cause a building to collapse.

Any of these situations that commonly lead to building collapses may result in one or more parties being found legally liable. The party or parties liable would depend on the unique facts and circumstances involved.

A St. Louis attorney could help determine whose action or inaction caused the building collapse. Property owners, contractors, and architects are all potentially liable parties in a building collapse case. The company responsible for inspecting, maintaining, or constructing the building may also be legally liable.

Injuries and Compensation in a Building Collapse Lawsuit

When a building collapses, there may be moments between what seems like normalcy and when the structure comes tumbling down. As a result, inhabitants of the building may have little to no time to react, compounding the possibility of catastrophic or deadly personal injuries. These injuries could include:

A St. Louis lawyer could work to help you recover the full value of your losses sustained in the building collapse. Compensation in a building collapse lawsuit could include both economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages include property damage, medical bills, and lost wages. You could also get compensation for your future lost earning ability and the ongoing cost of your medical care if you have long-term injuries.

Non-economic damages do not have a fixed dollar amount but can still be integral to your financial recovery. Pain, suffering, and lost life enjoyment are all non-economic damages.

Talk With a St. Louis Building Collapse Attorney at Our Firm

Inadequate maintenance, design flaws, or other issues can cause an untenable and dangerous structural situation as years go by, eventually leading to a building collapse. When a structure fails, there may be far more beneath the surface of these tragic circumstances than is first apparent in the days following the building collapse.

When any parties involved in the construction and maintenance of the building were negligent, you can rest assured that they are unlikely to step up and claim legal responsibility. A St. Louis building collapse lawyer can work to establish a strong case for compensation on your behalf.

Our proactive attorneys can collect evidence and provide the zealous representation you need to hold all liable parties accountable. When you or a family member are hurt in a building collapse, do not hesitate to contact OnderLaw to speak with a capable legal professional directly about the matter.