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St. Louis Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

A dog bite is traumatic, and injuries from the incident can last long after the attack itself. What might seem like a simple injury at first often becomes more costly when dog attack victims suffer long-term physical and emotional scars.

If you or a loved one were injured in a dog attack due to someone else’s negligence, you shouldn’t have to pay for their recklessness. See how the trusted dog bite injury attorneys at OnderLaw, LLC can help you get the compensation you’re owed for your injuries. Set up your free consultation by calling us today at (314) 963-9000 or contacting our personal injury law firm online.

Why Do I Need a St. Louis Dog Attack Injury Attorney?

It’s devastating when a dog attacks you. Beyond suffering from the emotional and physical pain of your injuries, sorting through costly medical bills and dealing with the negligent party who caused the attack can be overwhelming.

Dog bite victims can be owed significant compensation for their injuries. However, when victims try to handle claims on their own, they typically miss out on the money they deserve. People and companies that are liable for dog attacks might reach out to victims to try to talk them into a low settlement or trick them into saying something they can use to deny their claim. Furthermore, multiple parties might be responsible for the attack, and various laws apply to dog bite injuries, depending on the state. The claims process is so complicated that some victims give up.

You don’t have to face this alone. An experienced dog bite lawyer can help ease your burden by handling the confusing claims process on your behalf. They can help determine who is liable for the attack, gather necessary evidence, negotiate with the negligent party and their insurance company on your behalf, and fight to get the compensation you’re owed. A skilled personal injury attorney can deal with all of the details needed to tackle your dog attack case so that you can focus on healing from your injuries.

Why Should I Choose OnderLaw, LLC to Handle My Dog Bite Injury Case?

With OnderLaw, LLC, you can be confident we have your best interests in mind. Our skilled lawyers have helped clients just like you receive millions of dollars for their injuries caused by others’ negligence, and we have been recognized as some of the best attorneys in the country by top industry ratings. We’re also dedicated to our local community, and our team regularly supports nonprofit organizations around St. Louis and surrounding areas.

Our compassionate attorneys are committed to earning your trust by using our decades of experience to do all we can to help you overcome this vicious attack. If you or a loved one have suffered a dog bite injury, contact OnderLaw, LLC today and get the compensation you deserve. Call us at (314) 963-9000 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

Types of Cases OnderLaw, LLC Handles

Some of the most common dog attack injury cases the experienced attorneys at OnderLaw, LLC handle include:

  • Bites by dogs that are considered dangerous like Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds, and pit bulls
  • Incidental injuries caused by dogs tripping someone or knocking them over
  • Dog attacks on children
  • Attacks that cause puncture wounds or tears in the skin
  • Bites that lead to long-term injuries, such as scarring, amputation, emotional trauma, or nerve damage
  • Infections or diseases resulting from dog bites, including rabies, tetanus, MRSA, and other bacterial infections

Who is Liable in a Dog Bite Case?

With dog attacks, multiple parties might be liable, depending on the details of the case. To get maximum compensation for a dog bite injury, you must file a claim against the correct party or parties. It can be difficult for victims to figure this out on their own because of the complicated laws and regulations surrounding dog attacks.

The first party that might be liable is the dog’s owner. Many states have laws specifically designed to handle dog attacks. In some states, victims can only sue a dog owner if the owner already knew the dog was dangerous due to the “one-bite rule.” However, Missouri uses the “strict liability” rule, which means that dog attack victims can sue dog owners, even if the dog has no prior history of aggression.

Other parties that might be liable in a dog bite case include the dog’s handler or caretaker. This might include a dog walker, dog sitter, or boarding facility. Other professionals or companies might also be partially responsible for dog attack injuries, including groomers, veterinarians or vet techs, landlords, or animal shelters.

To successfully sue a negligent party under dog attack laws, victims must typically demonstrate that the dog caused their injuries. They must also prove they did nothing to provoke the attack, like pulling the dog’s tail. If a victim was partially responsible for the attack, they might still be able to sue for their injuries, but the court will likely reduce any compensation they’re owed. For example, if your injuries cost $100,000, but you were 30% at fault for the dog attack, then you can only sue for $70,000.

Additionally, the victim must prove that either the dog bite occurred on public property, or if on private property, that they were on the property legally. For non-bite related injuries, such as broken bones caused by a dog jumping on a child and knocking them over, victims need to show that the dog’s owner or handler didn’t take reasonable precautions to prevent the attack.

Determining liability in dog attacks is complicated because multiple exceptions apply. For example, if a dog bites a small child after the child did something to provoke it like hitting or poking the animal, the dog owner might still be liable because the child couldn’t have reasonably known the dog would attack.

Additionally, while dog owners, landlords, and other responsible parties aren’t usually liable for attacks against people who are on their property illegally, they might be liable for a dog attack against a trespasser if they purposely created a situation to injure trespassers. Furthermore, certain dog owners, such as government entities, might be protected against claims, depending on the situation. For example, a criminal usually can’t sue the government if a police dog bit them while they were trying to run away from a crime scene.

What Kind of Compensation Could I Get for My Injuries?

Dog bite victims can often get significant compensation for their injuries. While the exact amount you’re owed will depend on the details of your case, typically compensation in dog attacks includes things like:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Payment for therapies and surgeries needed to help you recover from the emotional and physical effects of the attack
  • Disability accommodations
  • Wages that you lost while recovering from your injuries
  • Reduced ability to earn comparable income in the future
  • Emotional distress, pain, and suffering
  • Impacts from no longer being able to attend to household duties or participate in enjoyable activities like sports

How Long Do I Have to File a Dog Attack Claim in Missouri?

Missouri’s “statute of limitations” laws dictate how long victims have to file lawsuits in personal injury claims. Under this law, victims of dog attacks have five years from the date of the injury to take the case to court. It is easy for victims to miss important deadlines like the “statute of limitations” while they are trying to recover from their injuries. They might not even know the full extent of the damage done by the dog attack until years later.

After this deadline, it’s often impossible for victims to file a claim, even if they did nothing to cause their injuries. However, certain exceptions to the law might reduce or extend the timeline. For example, the deadline might be shorter if a government entity was partially responsible for the dog bite. In other cases, the period might be longer if the victim was a minor at the time of the attack.

Since laws surrounding dog bites and exceptions to these rules are so complicated, it’s critical to work with an experienced dog attack injury attorney. A skilled lawyer can help save you from missing important deadlines and losing out on the compensation you deserve.

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