Whenever you buy over-the-counter medications or receive prescriptions from a doctor, you should be able to trust that the medicine will not have unexpected side effects. Unfortunately, not every medication on the market meets this basic standard. When so-called dangerous drugs harm consumers, it can be extremely challenging for those consumers to hold the negligent manufacturers accountable. These companies have legal teams and significant resources to fight lawsuits against them and avoid taking responsibility for harming innocent consumers.

A St. Louis dangerous drugs lawyer at OnderLaw will not let pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers get away with hurting you. Our skilled legal team has decades of experience helping the victims of defective drugs take back their lives. We have taken on some of the biggest drugmakers in Big Pharma, and we aren’t afraid to go to battle with the big guys.

We can demand compensation for every loss you experience after taking unsafe medication. Our team will be on and by your side every step of the way.

When Are Drug Companies Liable for Dangerous Products?

Drug companies are not automatically liable under state or federal law for every injury their products cause consumers. Given how important pharmaceutical development and production are, court authorities cut drug manufacturers some slack when it comes to civil liability for injuries to consumers compared to other product manufacturers and sellers.

That said, pharmaceutical companies are still expected to research and test new products thoroughly before releasing them for sale to the public. Failing to do so could be the basis for a civil claim if it leads to a drug being unreasonably dangerous. Drug companies must also warn doctors and potential patients about known side effects and contraindications.

OnderLaw’s St. Louis dangerous drugs attorneys can pursue legal action against any company that produces unsafe medications or fails to warn consumers about dangerous side effects—especially companies that do so intentionally to increase profits.

Compensation for Victims of Unsafe Medications

With help from our skilled defective drugs attorneys in St. Louis, those impacted by dangerous medications can recover compensation for various losses, including:

  • Past medical expenses and expected costs of future care related to the injury
  • Lost work income and lost working capacity
  • Physical pain and discomfort
  • Lost enjoyment and quality of life
  • Lost consortium
  • Emotional and psychological anguish

It is difficult for one person to hold a massive pharmaceutical company liable for damages caused by a defective drug, even if they have plenty of evidence to support their claim. These corporations often have some of the best legal teams that money can buy, but so do we.

Those harmed by dangerous drugs should consult our local attorneys on joining or starting a mass tort claim. This legal option allows people harmed by the same medication to join forces in holding the company accountable.

Get in Touch with a St. Louis Dangerous Drugs Attorney Today

The medications we take should improve our health, not worsen it. Unfortunately, pharmaceutical companies regularly put dangerous products on the market and cause significant harm to innocent consumers. In many cases, these companies fail to sufficiently test their products or warn consumers about risks for one simple, inexcusable reason: to increase their profits.

Unfortunately, filing a lawsuit against a massive pharmaceutical company can be impossible without experienced legal counsel. At OnderLaw, we aren’t afraid to stand up to big companies and fight for those harmed by corporate negligence. A St. Louis dangerous drugs lawyer will be your staunch advocate and supportive ally throughout the process of getting the compensation you deserve. Call our firm today to discuss your options for seeking justice.