Neocate products, known as elemental formulas, have been found to result in skeletal problems such as broken bones and rickets in young children. Neocate fractures and rickets have been linked by researchers to low blood phosphorus levels, caused by a lack of readily-absorbable phosphorus in the baby formula. Families who chose to use these products at a doctor’s recommendation had no knowledge of the danger of Neocate rickets, broken bones, and other skeletal injuries. If your child has suffered from broken bones, spontaneous fractures or rickets from Neocate formula, you may be eligible for significant compensation by filing a Neocate rickets claim against Nutricia.

Neocate Infant and Child Formula

Nutricia is the world’s leader in elemental formulas–nutritional formulas designed to provide whole nutrition to children who cannot tolerate cow’s milk or other common foods as a result of allergies or other health problems. The Neocate line of products includes:

  • Neocate Syneo Infant (0-12 months)
  • Neocate Infant DHA/ARA (0-12 months)
  • Neocate Nutra (6+ months)
  • Neocate Junior (1+ Years)
  • Neocate Junior with Probiotics (1+ Years)
  • Neocate Splash (1+ Years)
  • EO28 Splash (1+ Years)

Neocate Side Effects

Despite marketing claims that Neocate can be relied upon for whole nutrition for young children, researchers at Yale discovered many children relying solely on Neocate have experienced serious side effects related to inadequate nutrition and bone damage. Specifically, 94% of children in the study developed rickets, broken bones, or hypophosphatemia while consuming Neocate. Hypophosphatemia is a rare condition, caused by low blood phosphate levels, that leads to weakened bones, fractures, and skeletal problems.

In most of the 51 cases examined in the study, rickets and broken bones had been attributed to another underlying medical condition because doctors were not aware of the risk of Neocate rickets. When the children were given supplemental phosphorus or switched from Neocate to a different baby formula, their symptoms improved. In conclusion, researchers strongly recommended careful monitoring of the blood mineral levels of children using Neocate.

Neocate Rickets

Rickets is a childhood disease usually caused by vitamin D deficiency. In the case of Neocate rickets, the disease is caused by hypophosphatemia or low phosphorus levels, another essential component to healthy bone growth. Rickets is simply understood as soft bones. Symptoms of Neocate rickets include delayed growth, pain in the spine, pelvis or legs, and muscle weakness. Neocate formula rickets softens the growth plates at the end of a child’s bones, causing skeletal deformities such as knock knees, bowed legs, thickened wrists, and breastbone projection. Rickets can cause permanent skeletal damage.

Neocate Broken Bones

Neocate broken bones were also documented in the Yale study. One case of Neocate broken bones was made public in the Clarion Ledger: Robbie Elam, a 10 year old from Amory, Mississippi, began suffering from unexplained broken bones in 2017. Robbie relies on Neocate as his sole source of nutrition due to chronic illnesses. When Robbie presented with a broken wrist, his father was reported to CPS for suspected abuse. The father strongly denied any mistreatment and soon after, Robbie suffered from a broken femur. The connection between Neocate and broken bones was only made when a family member happened to see a TV ad for Neocate broken bone lawsuits. When doctors tested Robbie’s blood, his phosphorus levels were dangerously low.

Like Robbie’s father, many parents have given their children Neocate on a doctor’s recommendation with no knowledge of the risk posed by Neocate side effects. Neocate is not the only product available for children like Robbie–but it is the only elemental formula shown to result in fractures, rickets and broken bones. While the problems with Neocate’s formula may have been honest mistakes, the failure to warn the public as soon as Nutricia learned of the risk for rickets and broken bones from Neocate is highly problematic.

Company executives were aware of the risk of Neocate side effects by October 2015 at least, but didn’t issue a warning to doctors until March of 2016. The company convened a panel of experts to look into the matter, and in April of 2018, quietly introduced a reformulated line of Neocate baby formula products that include a form of phosphorus that is easier to absorb. The public was never warned.

Continuing to promote a product as safe despite severe known health risks is reprehensible; the fact that the product is targeted at children with chronic illnesses makes the lapse all the more despicable. Attorneys handling Neocate lawsuits believe that families whose child suffered from Neocate rickets or fractures may be eligible for real compensation through filing a claim against Nutricia.

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