Neocate is a medical-grade baby formula that is designed to provide whole nutrition for infants and children who do not tolerate cow milk or other foods as a result of severe food allergies or underlying GI conditions. Reports of children developing spontaneous broken bones and rickets from Neocate, as well as other baby formula problems, have led researchers to discover a trend of skeletal problems linked to hypophosphatemia from Neocate. Other baby formula problems include contamination of Enfamil, resulting in severe illness. If your baby, toddler, or child has suffered from baby formula side effects, you may be entitled to compensation through filing a baby formula lawsuit. This page provides a comprehensive look at baby formula problems and side effects that may warrant filing a claim.

Baby Formula

Baby formulas such as Neocate are are marketed as a medical formula for infants and children who cannot tolerate cow milk protein or otherwise cannot eat. Neocate is the leading product used by countless caregivers in the United States at the suggestion of a doctor and comes in seven different varieties: Neocate Syneo Infant (0-12 months); Neocate Infant DHA/ARA (0-12 months); Neocate Nutra (6+ months); Neocate Junior (1+ Years); Neocate Junior with Probiotics (1+ Years); Neocate Splash (1+ Years); and EO28 Splash (1+ Years).

Baby Formula Problems

Adverse event reports and clinical research indicate some baby formulas are unsafe for children. Enfamil baby formula, for example, has been found to contain harmful bacteria. Neocate baby formula lacks absorbable phosphorus sources, resulting in a harmful nutrient deficiency in some children. When blood phosphorus levels become diminished, the skeletal system becomes compromised, resulting in soft bones that are vulnerable to fracture. Baby formula side effects put children in harm’s way and can result in severe illness or injury. A study published in the medical journal Bone in 2017 indicates 94% percent of children taking Neocate baby formula will experience hypophosphatemia and the possible side effects of spontaneous broken bones and rickets.

Nutricia became aware of the risk for rickets and broken bones from Neocate in 2015 at the latest. Initially, the company denied reports that surfaced related to hypophosphatemia, but simultaneously convened an expert panel to study the matter. In 2016, the company issued a warning to medical providers, indicating a need to monitor patients for Neocate baby formula side effects. In 2018, the company quietly changed its baby formula formula to include a form of phosphate that is more readily absorbable by young children.

The actions taken by Nutricia in response to reports of baby formula side effects reveals proof that Neocate executives were aware of the danger. Why, then, were parents never warned? Throughout the years the company was investigating Neocate baby formula problems, its website maintained that Neocate was, hypoallergenic and nutritionally complete, supplying the same nutrition of a regular baby / toddler formula but with protein your child can tolerate. Families whose child was harmed by baby formula problems may be eligible for compensation by filing a Neocate baby formula lawsuit.

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