Androgel, the leading testosterone replacement product has recently come under criticism because it increases men’s risk of serious health problems including heart attack and stroke. The makers of Androgel, AbbVie, have been accused of false and misleading advertising that exaggerates the benefits and understates the dangers of Androgel. Studies published in 2013 revealed that men taking Androgel and other testosterone drugs face a two- to three-fold risk for heart attack and stroke. On January 31, 2014, the FDA issued a testosterone heart attack warning, urging doctors and patients carefully consider the risks of Androgel before using the drug. Reach out to our experienced lawyers to learn more.

Androgel Testosterone Heart Attack & Stroke Risks

Hypogonadism, or the medically-documented lack of natural serum testosterone, is the only medical condition Androgel has been approved to treat. Yet one study estimated that at least 25% of patients taking supplemental testosterone have never been tested for hypogonadism. Instead, the makers of Androgel have launched an aggressive marketing campaign aimed at aging men, claiming that testosterone treatment is effective at treating a wide range of age-related maladies such as decline in energy and libido. All encompassed under the non-medical term “Low-T”, this host of conditions are said to be remedied through testosterone treatment. However, researchers point out that no evidence has been set forth to support these claims. A significant portion of men taking testosterone supplements may be doing so without medical reason.

Taking Androgel without medical indication is a serious danger, given the heightened risk of heart attack and stroke linked to the drug. Making false claims regarding a drug’s efficacy and failing to warn consumers of serious risks that are known to be associated with a drug is tantamount to fraud. The makers of Androgel and other testosterone drugs are now facing testosterone lawsuits throughout the nation as men and the families of men harmed by testosterone drugs learn the truth.

Testosterone drugs are a rapidly growing sector, and aggressive Low-T advertising continues today. Total sales of testosterone boosting drugs exceeded $2 billion in 2012, and are projected to reach $5 billion by 2017. Both the FDA and Consumer Reports have issued warnings about the dangers of heart attack and stroke posed by testosterone replacement.

Androgel Testosterone Lawyers for Heart Attack and Stroke Claims

Individuals and the family members of persons who experienced heart attack, stroke, or another serious medical problem while taking testosterone drugs may be entitled to real compensation through a Androgel testosterone lawsuit. Our attorneys provide free testosterone claim reviews, and will be happy to answer your questions and help you to understand your legal options. All Androgel heart attack & stroke lawsuit services are provided on a contingency basis, meaning there are no legal fees unless we win compensation on your behalf. Filing a lawsuit is the best means for individual consumers to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for the harm their products have caused. The makers of Androgel and similar testosterone drugs are aware of the dangers posed by their products but will not issue comprehensive warnings until they are forced to do so. Each Androgel heart attack and stroke lawsuit that is filed allows consumers to hold companies such as AbbVie accountable for the safety of testosterone drugs.

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