People across America have taken Victoza to treat Type 2 diabetes and unknowingly exposed themselves to a risk for severe and life-threatening pancreas problems. While major studies have linked Victoza to pancreatic cancer and acute pancreatitis, American consumers were not adequately warned of the danger. In essence, persons who took Victoza in an attempt to treat one life-threatening condition were out at risk for other severe illnesses. Persons and the family members of persons harmed by Victoza pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer may be eligible for compensation for the harm and suffering resulting from this dangerous drug.

Victoza was seen as a risky drug from the start, before any particulars about Victoza pancreatic cancer were known; the drug was first approved by the FDA despite the warnings of three of its own safety experts. In 2017, the American public learned about Novo Nordisk’s unethical and illegal marketing tactics when the company paid more than $58 million to resolve a U.S. Department of Justice lawsuit for downplaying pancreatic cancer risks and paying illegal kickbacks to doctors who prescribed the drug. Victoza is the global leader among the class of drugs known as incretin mimetics, yielding more than $2 billion in sales in 2014 alone.

Experts now believe that the risks of Victoza may outweigh its benefits, given that several other drugs are effective at moderating blood sugar levels without exposing patients to such high risks of developing pancreas problems. Persons and the family members of persons who have been harmed by Victoza pancreatic cancer and acute pancreatitis from Victoza are filing claims against Novo Nordisk for damages. Filing a Victoza lawsuit is the only way individual consumers can recover compensation or hold the company accountable for the damage this dangerous drug has caused. Our experienced team of Victoza lawyers is offering free, no-obligation Victoza lawsuit case review to persons around the country who believe they may have a claim.

Victoza Pancreatic Cancer

Research has shown that taking Victoza for Type 2 diabetes exposes patients to a risk for pancreatic cancer and acute pancreatitis. Victoza pancreas problems are not surprising, as the drug regulates blood sugar by stimulating the pancreas to produce insulin. What experts find troubling is that Victoza pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer occur more commonly than for other comparable drugs, yet patients have never been adequately warned. Read full Victoza Pancreatic Cancer information to learn about Victoza pancreas risks and research.

FDA Victoza Warning

In March of 2013, the FDA Victoza warning was released in the form of a Drug Safety Communication. Providing information about recently-published research, the FDA Victoza warning cautioned patients and doctors of the risk for life-threatening conditions including acute pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. The FDA Victoza investigation was launched when the drug was first approved and is ongoing. Read full Victoza FDA Warning information for serious Victoza side effects.

Victoza Cancer Lawsuit

Persons and the family members of persons harmed by Victoza pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer may be eligible for real compensation through filing a Victoza lawsuit against Novo Nordisk. Plaintiffs in existing Victoza lawsuit claims allege company officials knew of – or reasonably should have known of – research proving a connection between Victoza use and serious pancreas problems. Contact our firm for a free Victoza lawsuit consultation. Read full Victoza Pancreas Lawsuit information from attorneys handling claims from plaintiffs nationwide.

Victoza Lawsuit FAQs

Compiled by our expert product liability attorneys, the Victoza Lawsuit FAQ page features common questions and answers that apply to most Victoza lawsuit claims, including questions about Victoza lawsuit time limits and who is eligible to file a Victoza lawsuit for pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer. If you would like to ask specific questions or discuss your case in detail, please contact our firm for a no-obligation Victoza lawsuit review at no cost. Read full Victoza Lawsuit FAQs.

Victoza Lawyer

Our Victoza attorneys are experts in the realm of product liability litigation, representing persons and families who have been harmed as a result of dangerous drugs and defective medical devices. When a billion-dollar corporation is benefiting at the expense of American consumers, our Victoza lawyers see it as their duty to pursue justice no matter how complex the case. Read full information on choosing a Victoza Lawyer.

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