Even after decades of advancements in medical science and technology, doctors still do not completely understand how the human brain functions or how external trauma can affect someone’s life. Unfortunately, when reckless or careless people cause others to suffer traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), there is not always much that medical professionals can do to reverse the debilitating and life-altering harm caused.

In a situation like this, it is very difficult to pursue fair financial recovery for all the long-term negative effects of a TBI on your own. A proactive catastrophic injury attorney who is experienced with handling similar cases can carry your burden and protect your rights. A qualified Brentwood traumatic brain injury lawyer from OnderLaw will be your ally from beginning to end of your legal proceedings, standing by your side every step of the way to ensure your case has the best possible resolution.

What to Do After a Suspected TBI?

A big part of what makes traumatic brain damage especially dangerous is how differently each individual person can react to the same type of trauma. Even moderate to severe brain damage may produce few easily recognizable symptoms or no symptoms at all in the hours and days after it is sustained the time it becomes obvious that serious trauma has occurred, it may be too late to prevent a catastrophic loss of physical, sensory, and/or cognitive function.

Because of this, anyone who suspects they may have sustained brain trauma or experienced a blow to the head or neck during an accident should prioritize seeking professional medical attention at an emergency room or urgent care facility. Our dedicated Brentwood traumatic brain injury attorneys can help factor any medical expenses associated with this early treatment into an ensuing lawsuit or settlement demand.

Establishing Fault for Specific Injuries and Losses

While TBIs tend to have much more severe repercussions than many other types of personal injury claims, most of the standard rules for personal injury litigation also apply to cases built around traumatic brain damage. Most notably, people suffering from TBIs cannot recover compensation for their losses unless they can prove someone else was legally liable for causing those losses, which generally means proving they were legally negligent in some way.

Exactly what constitutes negligence can vary significantly from case to case. It generally takes the form of a specific reckless or careless act that was the direct and primary cause of the accident in which someone sustained a brain injury. Through a successful claim, it may be possible to recover for losses like:

  • Lost enjoyment of life;
  • Physical pain and discomfort;
  • Lost working ability or income;
  • Emotional and psychological distress;
  • Medical bills, including expected costs of future rehabilitative and therapeutic care;
  • Expenses for things like in-home help and assistive equipment such as wheelchairs.

Our knowledgeable TBI lawyers in Brentwood will go into further detail about your potentially compensable losses during a private consultation.

Discuss Your Legal Options With a Brentwood Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

TBIs are extremely serious injuries that all too often have life-changing consequences for people who sustain them. Fortunately, if you can prove that another person’s irresponsible actions were the main cause of your TBI, you can hold that person financially accountable for every form of harm their misconduct has and will cause you in the future.

At OnderLaw, we don’t just take on cases; we take on causes, and we would be honored to put our skills and experience to work for you. Call today to schedule a free, no-obligation case review with a compassionate Brentwood traumatic brain injury lawyer.