An injury can change every aspect of your daily routine while you recover. When an injury causes permanent, untreatable damage, you may be forced to adapt your entire life. It’s devastating to have to change jobs, move to another home, and seek round-the-clock care, especially if your accident was preventable. You will likely need significant financial resources to deal with the consequences of the harm you should have never suffered.

That’s where OnderLaw comes in.

A Brentwood catastrophic injury lawyer at our firm can be the guiding hand you need during the most vulnerable time of your life. We will prove another person was responsible for your accident and hold them accountable for every form of compensation you need to live a comfortable life.

We know that insurance companies and defense attorneys will try to take advantage of innocent victims and avoid paying them what they deserve. Our dedicated personal injury attorneys will not let that happen to you.

Examples of Catastrophic Injuries and Accidents

There is no strict legal definition of a catastrophic injury. Instead, this term describes injuries that profoundly impact the victim’s life. “Catastrophic” describes physical harm that will never fully heal.

Common examples of these injuries include:

These injuries can happen in various situations and at a moment’s notice. Traffic accidents, including car, motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian crashes, are the most common source of catastrophic injuries. However, they may also occur during a slip and fall accident, assault, or medical malpractice incident.

Our skilled Brentwood attorneys can provide more information about what it means for an injury to be catastrophic and help you decide the best course of action.

Pursuing Compensation for a Permanent Injury

Catastrophic injuries impact every part of a person’s life. Any insurance claim or lawsuit over these incidents should demand appropriate compensation from at-fault parties. The local attorneys at OnderLaw work to understand the full impact of a catastrophic injury and seek fair payments for victims and their families.

Medical Bills

The first form of compensation in a catastrophic injury claim is the payment of medical bills. This will include compensation for accumulated bills and money to cover the costs of estimated future care. Our Brentwood catastrophic injury lawyers know how to accurately evaluate these costs and stand up to insurance companies offering low-ball settlement offers.

Lifestyle Changes

It is also important to measure how the incident has impacted other parts of your life. You may have experienced a loss in quality of life due to the physical or mental limitations of your catastrophic injury. You may also be unable to work or be forced to change jobs to accommodate a new disability. At OnderLaw, we understand how impactful a catastrophic injury can be and will fight for compensation to cover every single one of your losses.

It’s important to consult our Brentwood attorneys as soon as possible after a catastrophic accident. In most cases, Missouri Statute § 516.120 sets a time limit of five years for a victim and their lawyer to bring a claim for compensation.

Reach Out to a Brentwood Catastrophic Injury Attorney Today

At OnderLaw, we understand how heartbreaking catastrophic injuries can be for innocent people and their families. These conditions will never fully heal and may require extensive medical care for the rest of the victim’s life. The people and companies that cause these injuries should be held accountable for their actions.

A Brentwood catastrophic injury lawyer at OnderLaw will handle every aspect of your case while you focus on healing. We are proud of our commitment to helping our injured friends and neighbors take back their lives after severe accidents. Contact our firm today to learn how we can support you and your cause.