When a loved one dies because of someone’s negligent or criminal act, the law can provide you with legal recourse to file a wrongful death claim seeking compensation. While the ultimate value of every case is different, eligible parties can recover multiple types of compensation surrounding the losses they have experienced due to a family member’s death.

It is extremely important that you observe the St. Louis wrongful death statute of limitations if you believe you are eligible to file such a claim. When you are considering starting a wrongful death lawsuit, our legal team can review your case and explain the applicable time limitations that apply. The experienced attorneys at OnderLaw can examine any possible legal actions you may be eligible to file and what compensation you may be entitled to claim. We can help you seek justice for the losses that a person or company’s wrongdoing has inflicted on your family because of your loved one’s untimely death.

Deadline to File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The statute of limitations for a wrongful death case, which is the filing deadline to bring a lawsuit, differs on a state-by-state basis. In Missouri, the statute of limitations is three years from the date on which your loved one passed away from their injuries. The date of death may be different than the date on which the incident that ultimately led to their death occurred.

Three years may sound like a lengthy period of time to start a case, but it is best to evaluate your right to file a lawsuit by speaking with a St. Louis lawyer well in advance of the wrongful death statute of limitations. For one, various factors can impact the statute of limitations, so it is wise to get legal advice to ensure the filing window is not an issue with your potential case.

However, there are plenty of other reasons to take prompt legal action as soon as you can. The aftermath of a suspected wrongful death is a crucial time in which vital evidence can and should be preserved before it potentially deteriorates. Moreover, this is a period in which crucial testimony from eyewitnesses could be retained and recorded before the passage of time erodes some of these details.

The compassionate wrongful death attorneys at OnderLaw can handle every facet of your case from start to finish. We can negotiate the best possible settlement for your case, giving you peace of mind that qualified, experienced legal representation is safeguarding your rights and interests.

Other Legal Requirements for Wrongful Death Claims

In addition to observing the statute of limitations for St. Louis wrongful death cases, you must also have a certain relation to the decedent to file this type of lawsuit in Missouri. The individuals who receive first consideration to bring a wrongful death action forward are the decedent’s surviving husband or wife, then their children or grandchildren.

If the decedent dies with no such surviving family members, their parents can bring a claim forward. When none of these individuals are alive, or these situations do not apply, other individuals who could have legal standing to file a wrongful death lawsuit include the decedent’s siblings, nieces, or nephews.

A wrongful death lawsuit could help you claim the value of the care, companionship, and counsel of your loved one that has now been lost, as well as the source of income they provided prior to their untimely passing that has now been forever diminished. Other compensable damages could include burial costs, funeral expenses, and—in some cases—punitive damages.

Contact a St. Louis Wrongful Death Attorney Before the Statute of Limitations Runs Out

Wrongful death cases are notoriously complicated, and the legal process for these claims can be deeply overwhelming without proper legal assistance. At OnderLaw, we can manage the entirety of your wrongful death claim on your behalf so you can focus on your family’s grieving and healing process.

We can also help you avoid costly mistakes that could impact your claim while putting our legal knowledge and experience to work to seek the maximum case settlement available. If you have questions about the St. Louis wrongful death statute of limitations or any other aspect of filing a wrongful death claim, contact OnderLaw today to speak with a lawyer in a free and confidential case evaluation.