The Adams County Quincy Landfills 2&3 Superfund site in Quincy, IL has been a source of environmental concern for decades. As environmental attorneys in Illinois, we at OnderLawyers understand the health risks that come from this hazardous site and are dedicated to helping those affected.

History of Adams County Quincy Landfills 2&3 Superfund Site

The landfills in Quincy, IL have a long history of pollution and contamination. It all started in the 1940s when two landfills were established in the area. At that time, regulations for waste management were not as strict as they are today, and as a result, hazardous waste was disposed of improperly.

Over the years, the site became heavily contaminated with a variety of chemicals, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs), heavy metals, and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). These chemicals can be extremely dangerous to human health and the environment.

The extent of the pollution at the site was not fully realized until the 1970s, when environmental regulations became more stringent. In 1983, the site was added to the National Priorities List (NPL), making it a Superfund site.

Now, the Adams County Quincy Landfills 2&3 Superfund Site is under the supervision of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and under close scrutiny by environmental attorneys in Illinois such as our firm, OnderLawyers.

While the EPA focuses on cleaning up this site and so many others, OnderLaw is at the forefront of environmental law. The history of the site is a clear example of the dangers of improper waste management and the importance of environmental regulations. Our firm is dedicated to holding companies accountable to those regulations and making sure that unhealthy contamination like that of these landfills doesn’t happen again.

Chemicals Found at the Site

The chemicals found at the site are numerous and include a range of toxic substances, including PCBs, volatile organic compounds, and pesticides. These chemicals have been found in the soil, groundwater, and air in and around the site, causing significant environmental damage and posing a serious risk to human health.

Contamination of the soil and groundwater at the site has been ongoing for decades, and many nearby residents have been exposed to these toxic chemicals. Exposure to these chemicals can lead to a range of serious health effects, including cancer, neurological damage, and developmental problems.

As a result of the contamination at the site, there has been a growing need for legal action to be taken to hold those responsible for the pollution accountable. At OnderLaw Environmental Attorneys, we are committed to helping those who have been impacted by environmental pollution in the Quincy, IL area.

Our team of experienced Quincy, IL environmental attorneys has a proven track record of success in handling complex environmental cases. We work tirelessly to help our clients get the compensation and justice they deserve, and we are dedicated to holding polluters accountable for their actions.

If you or a loved one has been affected by pollution at the Adams County Quincy Landfills 2&3 Superfund site, it is important to seek legal help as soon as possible.

Health Effects Associated with the Chemicals

One of the main chemicals found at the Adams County Quincy Landfills 2&3 Superfund Site is trichloroethylene, or TCE. TCE was commonly used as a degreaser and solvent in industrial processes.

Exposure to TCE has been linked to a variety of health effects, including cancer. In fact, the International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified TCE as a Group 1 carcinogen, meaning that it is a substance that is known to cause cancer in humans.

Studies have shown that exposure to TCE can increase the risk of several types of cancer, including liver cancer, kidney cancer, and non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The risk of cancer is thought to be highest among individuals who were exposed to high levels of TCE for prolonged periods of time, such as workers in industrial settings.

In addition to cancer, exposure to TCE has been linked to other health effects as well. These can include neurological effects such as headaches, dizziness, and tremors, as well as respiratory effects such as coughing and shortness of breath. TCE exposure can also have harmful effects on the reproductive system and can increase the risk of birth defects and developmental problems.

It is important to note that the health effects of TCE exposure can vary depending on a variety of factors, including the duration and intensity of exposure, the route of exposure, and the individual’s susceptibility to the chemical.

Given the serious health risks associated with TCE exposure, it is crucial that individuals who may have been exposed to this chemical at the Adams County Quincy Landfills 2&3 Superfund Site take appropriate steps to protect their health and seek medical attention if necessary. In addition, those who have been harmed by TCE exposure may have legal recourse and may be able to file a lawsuit to seek compensation for their injuries and other damages.

At OnderLaw Environmental Attorneys, we have experience representing clients who have been harmed by exposure to hazardous chemicals like TCE. If you believe you may have a claim related to the Adams County Quincy Landfills 2&3 Superfund Site or any other environmental contamination, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. We are here to help you understand your rights and options and to fight for the justice and compensation you deserve.

Potential Lawsuits

OnderLaw Environmental Attorneys are closely monitoring the developments at the Adams County Quincy Landfills 2&3 Superfund Site and are preparing to take legal action on behalf of those who have been affected by the pollution caused by this site. Our attorneys at OnderLaw Environmental Attorneys are experts in toxic tort litigation, which focuses on seeking compensation for individuals who have suffered health issues as a result of exposure to toxic substances.

It is important to note that lawsuits in toxic tort cases can take on a few different forms. One possible avenue is a class action lawsuit, which would bring together a large group of individuals who have been impacted by the pollution caused by this Superfund Site. In a class action lawsuit, one or a few individuals would file the lawsuit on behalf of the larger group. This type of lawsuit can be effective because it consolidates many claims into a single action and can result in a quicker resolution.

Another possibility is a series of individual lawsuits, each filed by individuals who have been directly impacted by the pollution. These cases can be more difficult to manage than class action lawsuits because they require more time and resources, but they can also provide more compensation for individual plaintiffs.

No matter what type of lawsuit is ultimately filed, OnderLaw Environmental Attorneys are committed to seeking justice for those who have been harmed by the toxic pollution at Adams County Quincy Landfills 2&3 Superfund Site. Our team of attorneys has the expertise and experience needed to navigate complex environmental law cases and achieve the best possible outcomes for their clients.

It is important for anyone who has been impacted by the pollution at this site to seek legal advice as soon as possible. Contact OnderLaw Environmental Attorneys to discuss your legal options and to learn more about how they can help you seek justice and compensation for the harm caused by this toxic pollution.