The Unspoken Dangers Behind Lifesaving Devices: The CPAP Machine Recall

It was supposed to be a source of relief and recovery—a device to help those with sleep apnea breathe easier at night. Yet, the Philips CPAP machines turned out to be a potential source of danger, prompting a massive recall in June 2021. At the heart of this issue was an industrial foam used in these machines that, when broken down, could potentially release toxic chemicals and cause severe health complications, including cancer.

Inez Ross, an attorney with OnderLaw, stands at the forefront of the litigation as a member of the plaintiffs’ leadership team. Our clients trusted these devices with their lives, only to discover they might have been at risk from the very solution they sought.

The stories of those affected are harrowing. From a grandmother in Atlanta to a high school senior in Indianapolis, each account speaks of the betrayal of trust and the fear of unknown health repercussions. These devices were woven into the daily fabric of their lives, and the potential consequences of their use are devastating.

Philips Respironics, the manufacturer of these devices, has faced criticism for not warning the public sooner. Although the company increased production to replace the devices, many feel this response was too little, too late. And while Philips initially downplayed the risks, stating the chemical emissions were not at levels of “appreciable harm,” both medical experts and the FDA have challenged this claim, demanding more rigorous testing.

The litigation against Philips highlights a broader issue: the need for accountability and transparency in the medical device industry. As attorneys dedicated to the fight for justice, OnderLaw is committed to holding corporations responsible for the safety of their products.

For those affected, the recall has been more than an inconvenience; it’s been a life-altering event. The loss of sleep, the financial burden, the anxiety—these are the unseen costs of a defective product. For affected families the toll is immeasurable.

Our fight is not just in the courtroom; it’s about advocating for change, ensuring such oversights are not repeated, and striving for a future where patient safety is never compromised by the devices meant to protect them.

If you or someone you know has been impacted by the Philips CPAP machine recall, know that you are not alone. OnderLaw is here to help you navigate through these turbulent times. For more information and to understand your rights, please visit our CPAP page online.

Together, we can seek the justice and peace of mind that every patient deserves.