Texas Ranks Most Fatal State for Truck Drivers 3-Year Study Finds

When it comes to truck accidents, the Lone Star state is unfortunately living up to its larger-than-life reputation. The data paints a sobering picture: Texas, with its sprawling highways and bustling trade routes, has recently emerged as the nation’s most concerning hotspot for fatal truck accidents.

The Distressing Data

Between 2019 and 2021, the number of lives lost due to truck-related accidents in Texas reached an alarming count – 579, 568, and 716, respectively. What’s even more startling is that these figures from Texas are almost double those of the second-ranked state, California. Given the sheer size and population of Texas, the state naturally witnesses heavy traffic volumes. However, these figures, especially when we consider vehicle miles traveled, are unsettling, to say the least.

Why Does Texas Stand Out?

When assessing the problem, it’s important to analyze the situation through the lens of vehicle miles traveled. Smaller states like New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Arkansas might top the list in terms of sheer numbers, but Texas’ rank as the fifth-highest is particularly concerning. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is actively working on unearthing the reasons behind these alarming statistics.

FMCSA’s Thomas Keane shared, “We’re drilling very closely into Texas to find out what’s going on.”

A Historical Perspective

Looking back, there was a time when the rate of fatal crashes involving buses and large trucks showed consistent improvement. This was the case throughout the 90s and 00s. However, a noticeable and troubling upward trend began in 2010. In the past decade, the rate of fatalities based on vehicle miles traveled has steadily increased.

Industry Challenges and the Way Forward

Beyond the tragedy of lives lost, these statistics underscore the challenges that the trucking industry faces. Ensuring the safe delivery of goods is paramount, and businesses are grappling with how to navigate these troubled waters.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. As investigations continue and data gets unpacked, there is an evident push from both the public and private sectors to collaboratively address this urgent issue.


Texas, with its expansive highways and major trade routes, is undeniably facing a serious problem. The state’s truck accident statistics are a wake-up call for both the industry and regulatory bodies. Collaboration, innovation, and effective safety measures will be critical in turning the tide.

At Onderlaw, we believe in the power of information and collective action. Understanding the reasons behind these figures is the first step toward creating safer roads for Texans and everyone who travels through the great state. If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident, contact OnderLaw today for your free, no-obligation consultation.