What Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Do for You?

Personal injury litigation can be complex under even the most favorable circumstances, and there is no shortage of legal obstacles that can keep unprepared plaintiffs from getting paid anything for their injury-related losses—let alone the full amount they deserve. Fortunately, help is available from our dedicated attorneys at OnderLaw, who will stand by your side every step of the way through the legal process.

The services that a trusted legal professional can provide during this sort of case extend far beyond just handling court documents. Below are just some of the things our experienced personal injury lawyers can do for you once they are retained.

Investigate and Gather Evidence

Even if it seems obvious to you that someone else’s reckless or careless behavior is the reason for your injury, you cannot hold them legally—and therefore financially—accountable for that injury unless you can prove a direct link between their actions and your damages. More specifically, you will need to establish this based on a preponderance of the evidence. In other words, you need to show through a majority of all available information that it is more likely than not your losses stemmed directly from the named defendant’s misconduct.

Assistance from skilled legal counsel can be essential to:

  • Examining the scene of an accident effectively;
  • Identifying and preserving all relevant documentation and physical evidence; and
  • Compiling that information into a comprehensive and compelling claim.

In addition, our capable lawyers can also review the evidence the opposition will present, ensure that unlawfully obtained evidence is not allowed in court, and prepare specific counterarguments to each of their claims.

Negotiate with Insurance Companies and Defense Counsel

Insurance companies are not your friends and will never be on your side during personal injury litigation. However, our knowledgeable personal injury attorneys at OnderLaw can help you:

  • Sort through the legalese and confusing technical language employed by insurance providers;
  • Interact with adjusters and insurance reps on your behalf; and
  • Ensure you get paid fairly for everything your policy—or someone else’s policy—is supposed to cover.

Identify and Assign Fair Financial Values to Damages

Recovering financially after a serious accident is not as simple as picking a financial figure that sounds right and demanding that amount through a settlement or civil court verdict. You will need to determine exactly what losses—financial, personal, or otherwise—you have already suffered and will likely suffer in the future due to your injury. Then, you must figure out exactly what value each one should have and how much compensation you should demand for each.

Guidance from trusted legal counsel is essential, not just to ensure your case is valued appropriately, but to figure out what losses you can even recover for in the first place.

Take Your Case to Trial If Necessary

While most personal injury claims end with out-of-court settlements, you should always be prepared to go to court if the defendant(s) you are demanding payment from refuse to negotiate in good faith. Having a committed personal injury lawyer on your side is the single most important thing you can do when it comes to:

  • Negotiating effectively for a settlement;
  • Preparing comprehensively for a possible lawsuit; and
  • Achieving a positive outcome from any necessary court proceedings to get you compensated fairly.

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