St. Louis – Officer Charged In Pedestrian Incident

A local officer was charged in connection with a pedestrian incident that killed a young girl.

On Wednesday, authorities filed a charge of second-degree involuntary manslaughter on Preston Marquart. This is in connection with an October 14 incident where 12-year-old Akeelah Jackson was struck and killed by the suspect’s vehicle while crossing a street. The girl sustained multiple injuries and died a few weeks later. Based on available evidence, the officer was not following protocol at the time of the crash: he had been following a suspect that day and failed to turn on his sirens and lights. Officials are expected to release more info regarding the case when appropriate.

Road incidents resulting in injuries or deaths can cause long-term or debilitating effects on victims or their families. With this in mind, consulting personal injury/accident counsel can be beneficial as they can inform aggrieved parties of the various legal options they can pursue to cope and eventually find closure.