Joplin – Rear-End Collision with Multiple Injuries

Several motorists were injured in an accident in Joplin Tuesday afternoon.

At approximately 2:35 p.m., two vehicles collided on Highway 43. 72-year-old Diana D. Matthews and 57-year-old Charles E. Matthews were in a vehicle traveling south and attempting to make a left turn when they were rear-ended by another vehicle driven by 78-year-old Donald W. Hawthorne. Both Diana and Charles Matthews were taken to the hospital with injuries, while 74-year-old Joyce M. Hawthorne, a passenger in the striking vehicle, was also injured and transported to the hospital. Authorities are currently investigating the incident.

Rear-end collisions can result in debilitating effects, such as whiplash injuries. Authorities will investigate these incidents with the goal of identifying or discounting negligent behavior. If this factor is established, victims would benefit from consulting personal injury experts as there may be legal avenues appropriate to their situations.