Johnson & Johnson Talc Update

Court still considering Daubert rulings.

Lawsuit News from OnderLaw

Our OnderLaw talc team is currently awaiting Daubert rulings from Hon. Freda L. Wilson in United States District Court, District of New Jersey. A Daubert hearing, which is a type of hearing to decide whether or not scientific evidence should be admissible in court, was held in July 2019. In that hearing, both sides made motions to exclude testimony from opposing expert witnesses for a variety of reasons. Post-hearing briefs, which summarize each party’s position and their supporting evidence, were filed October 7, 2019.

Since the Daubert hearing, our team of plaintiffs’ attorneys has submitted additional letters to the court informing Judge Wolfson of newly published studies, additional FDA test results in which asbestos was found in Johnson & Johnson talc products, and the FDA’s newly proposed standards for testing and identifying asbestos in talc. We believe that the 21 outstanding expert reports, 1,000+ pages of briefing, and hundreds of scientific references and documents we have submitted is comprehensive and will serve to prove causation in our clients’ cases against Johnson & Johnson.

We are patiently anticipating Judge Wilson’s rulings, and are cognizant of potential delays due to coronavirus safety measures. We will keep you apprised as additional information becomes available.

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