How Much Are Most Truck Accident Settlements?

Generally speaking, personal injury claims based on collisions between tractor-trailers and commuter cars tend to involve more compensation than claims built around crashes just involving commuter cars. However, it’s a lot harder than you might think to get more specific about what the average case value might be, given how much the circumstances surrounding a claim can vary from person to person. As recent court verdicts show, the value of a truck accident claim can range from zero dollars to over $100 million.

When it comes to answering the question of how much most truck accident settlements are worth, it’s more helpful to talk about what things may affect the value of a claim rather than trying to find a specific average or median amount across thousands of unique cases. Below are some of the factors that could impact what compensation you might be able to obtain through a fair settlement agreement, all of which our knowledgeable attorneys at OnderLaw can explain in more detail.

Accounting for All Compensable Losses

The main factor that determines how much a fair truck accident settlement offer should be is the severity of your injuries and their negative effects on your life. The longer an injury is expected to last and the more physically or mentally debilitating it is expected to be, the more compensation you might be owed.

Compensable damages in a typical truck accident claim can include both economic and non-economic forms of harm, as well as both past and future losses relative to when you actually file your claim. For example, if a truck wreck leaves you permanently paralyzed below the waist, you’ll need to seek recovery not just for emergency medical treatment you’ve already received, but also for the costs of rehabilitative care, physical therapy, and assistive equipment like wheelchairs you’ll need in the future.

Other damages that may play into this sort of case include:

  • Lost consortium;
  • Physical pain and suffering;
  • Mental and emotional anguish;
  • Lost overall quality/enjoyment of life;
  • Lost work wages and lost future earning ability; and
  • Personal property damage or loss, plus related expenses like rental car fees.

A compassionate and caring truck accident attorney at OnderLaw can give you more personalized guidance about the types of losses you should be factoring into your specific settlement demand.

Other Factors That Might Impact Your Case’s Value

Depending on the state in which your truck accident occurred, any amount of comparative fault you hold for the crash—in other words, the degree to which you contributed to causing the wreck through your own actions or negligence —could decrease the amount of money you can expect from a settlement. Comparative negligence may even prevent you from recovering anything at all. Insurance companies and defense attorneys trying to negotiate a settlement will know how a court would hold your percentage of comparative fault against you and make offers with that in mind.

Another thing that can impact the value of your truck accident settlement is how much evidence you have proving that a specific reckless or careless act was the cause of your injuries. In general, the more evidence you have on your side, the less the people you’re negotiating with will want to hold out and go to court.

Enlist the Help of Our Dedicated Legal Professionals

All that being said, these are just guidelines, not hard-and-fast rules. If you want an answer to the question of what your unique case might be worth, one of our experienced and trusted lawyers at OnderLaw can help. Insurance companies are not on your side, but we will be. Call today to schedule your free consultation.