4 Weird-but-True Personal Injury Cases: Unusual Tales That Shed Light on Liability

Personal injury cases can sometimes involve bizarre circumstances that leave us scratching our heads. In this blog post, we share four weird-but-true personal injury cases that highlight the importance of understanding liability in unusual situations. These cases serve as reminders that even the most unexpected incidents can lead to personal injury claims, emphasizing the need for legal representation to navigate the complexities of such cases.

“Cold ‘Cuts’ Personal Injury Claim against Subway”:

In a peculiar incident, a man discovered a plastic knife baked into the bread of his Subway sandwich. Although he didn’t swallow the knife, it caused a minor cut. The man claimed food poisoning from the “filthy” knife and sued Subway for personal injury damages. The case was eventually settled outside of court for $20,000.

“Missing Doorknob Personal Injury Claim”:

A claims examiner in New York City encountered personal injury when he used a bathroom without a doorknob. As he placed his fingers where the knob should have been, someone pushed the door open, causing injury to his thumb. The jury ruled in favor of the injured man, awarding him $3 million in damages along with $750,000 for his wife.

“Cookies Cause Anxiety Personal Injury Claim”:

Two teenagers attempted a kind gesture by delivering homemade cookies to their neighbor. However, the recipient filed a personal injury claim, alleging that the knocks on the door caused an anxiety attack. Surprisingly, the neighbor was awarded $900 in this unusual case.

“Bad Forecast Personal Injury Claim”:

In a truly unexpected turn of events, a woman sued a television station in Israel for an inaccurate weather prediction. She claimed that the incorrect forecast caused her to dress lightly, leading to illness and psychological distress. The woman was awarded $1,000 and received an apology for the wrong weather report.


These four weird-but-true personal injury cases demonstrate that unusual circumstances can give rise to legal claims. Whether it’s finding a plastic knife in a sandwich, encountering a missing doorknob, delivering cookies causing anxiety, or blaming an inaccurate weather forecast for illness, these cases illustrate the importance of understanding liability and seeking appropriate legal representation. If you find yourself involved in an unexpected personal injury incident, contact OnderLaw today to guide you through the legal process and help you seek the compensation you deserve.