You Be The Judge: Sutton v. Glen Ridge Country Club

Imagine standing in front of a country club’s pro shop, going about your day, when suddenly tragedy strikes. This is precisely what happened to Debra Sutton, a 59-year-old woman who suffered a severe injury when she was struck by a golf cart at the Glen Ridge Country Club. The incident, which occurred on September 3, 2018, left Sutton with life-altering injuries and a long road to recovery. Now, we invite you to step into the role of a jury and decide what the verdict should be in this case. Was justice served? Let’s dive into the details and uncover the final verdict.

The Accident and Injuries:

At the time of the accident, the golf cart was being operated by Thomas Forte, an employee of the country club. Forte had parked the golf cart facing the pro shop, with the engine running, as he loaded a cooler with ice and water. Tragically, a case of water fell onto the accelerator, propelling the cart forward and striking Debra Sutton, who was standing just 10 feet away.

The impact was devastating. Sutton was run over, her legs crushed, and her left side forcefully slammed into a nearby wall. She suffered extensive injuries, including damage to her lower back, left knee, foot, calf, ankle, and head. The severity of her injuries necessitated four surgeries, including a lumbar spine laminectomy, posterior decompression and interbody fusion, and a left knee arthroscopic procedure, among others.

The Verdict is Yours to Decide:

Now, it’s time for you to take the reins and decide the verdict. Should justice be served? Consider the details of the case—the actions of Thomas Forte, the extent of Debra Sutton’s injuries, and the impact this incident has had on her life. Weigh the evidence and deliberate on what you believe is a fair outcome.

The case of Sutton v. Glen Ridge Country Club brings us face-to-face with the responsibility of determining justice in personal injury cases. As you step into the role of the jury, your decision carries weight and significance. Debra Sutton’s life was irrevocably changed due to the unfortunate events at the Glen Ridge Country Club. It is up to you to consider the evidence, assess the impact, and deliver a verdict that you believe is fair and just.

Verdict Revealed:

Debra Sutton, represented by her counsel Bruce H. Nagel and Michael J. Paragano of Nagel Rice in Roseland, sought justice for the pain and suffering she endured. After three mediation sessions presided over by retired Superior Court judge Raymond A. Reddin, a settlement was finally reached. On May 1, a $1 million settlement was agreed upon as compensation for Sutton’s injuries and losses.


Remember that justice and fairness are at the heart of the legal system. By engaging in a thorough analysis of the facts, you have the opportunity to uphold these principles. Let your verdict be guided by empathy, reason, and a commitment to ensuring that responsible parties are held accountable. Together, let us strive for a society that values justice and fairness for all.

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