Traffic collisions are traumatic events with the potential to cause serious injuries to the drivers and occupants of the vehicle. Front-end car accidents in Webster Groves can be particularly traumatizing since most victims see the crash coming in advance.

If you or a loved one were involved in a head-on collision, you should speak with a trusted auto accident attorney at OnderLaw. We can explain your options to seek compensation, gather evidence, negotiate with the insurance company, and advise you of the time limitations that apply to your claim.

We understand how difficult a time it is for you, and we are with you every step of the way. Our experienced personal injury attorneys understand how to present your case in the strongest light so that we can negotiate with the insurance companies from a position of strength. We can properly assign value to your claim and reject any quick, low-ball settlement offers proposed by insurance companies or other responsible parties. Our goal is to make you whole again.

Do Not Negotiate With Insurance Companies Alone

Often after a front-end car crash where fault is apparent, the other driver’s insurance company may contact you with a quick settlement offer. These offers are tempting because payment is immediate, removing the need for future litigation. However, these offers are universally well below the value of the injured driver’s claim. Insurance companies protect themselves and their insured. They make these offers to resolve a case quickly and cheaply. You need to understand the fair value of your damages to make an informed decision. These settlement offers always contain a clause preventing you from seeking additional compensation.

Additionally, an insurance company may ask you to make a recorded statement. Again, these statements are for their benefit. Any person that suffers injuries from a head-on car crash in Webster Groves should only make a recorded statement after receiving advice and counsel from a knowledgeable attorney at OnderLaw.

Potential Compensation Available in a Civil Lawsuit

Most people have some idea of the types of financial compensation that may be available after a front-end collision in Webster Groves. However, a potential damages award includes more than just the value of your property damage and medical bills. Not all damages will be available in every case, but Missouri courts allow for the following types of compensation:

  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Reduction in quality of life
  • Lost future earning capacity
  • Medical bills, current and future

To negotiate from a level playing field with the at-fault driver’s insurance company, you must first understand the full extent of your injuries. For this reason, seeking medical attention after an accident is critical, even if your injuries appear minor. Some injuries may not manifest until several days after a wreck. It is important to have a documented record of all medical treatment.

Our firm’s skilled personal injury lawyers understand how to place an appropriate value on these damages and will work diligently to obtain a result that accounts for all your financial losses. Most of these cases settle through negotiation; you need someone fighting for your best interests.

Enlist the Help of a Webster Groves Front-End Car Accident Attorney

All motor vehicle accidents pose the risk of serious injury. Still, front-end car accidents in Webster Groves tend to cause more severe injuries, resulting in longer-term medical treatment and greater emotional damage.

We understand the toll these crashes can have on your life, and we work to take the stress off your plate so that you can focus on recovering. If you suffered an injury from a head-on collision, contact us today for a free case evaluation. At OnderLaw, we don’t just take on cases; we take on causes. Let us take up yours.