When you are injured on the job, while the workers’ compensation claims process can be somewhat fluid while you are still recovering from your work-related injury or illness, virtually every claim will end with a single lump-sum payment agreed upon through a private settlement. The value of this settlement can vary substantially from case to case, depending on how much medical treatment you still need, how badly disabled you will remain for the foreseeable future—and, in many cases, the quality of legal representation you have when it comes time to negotiate for a fair settlement offer from the insurance company.

At OnderLaw, our diligent legal team works to resolve workers’ compensation settlements in Webster Groves quickly and straightforwardly. Guidance from our experienced workers’ comp attorneys can be key to understanding what you should be entitled to and proactively pursuing a fair settlement. We will not let insurance companies bully you into accepting less than you deserve. We’re here with you every step of the way.

When Is the Right Time to Settle a Workers’ Comp Claim?

Most of the time, workers’ compensation claims in Webster Groves settle when the injured or sick worker who filed the claim reaches Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) as determined by their doctors. It is rarely a good idea to pursue a settlement or accept a settlement offer before this point. Once you agree to a settlement offer, your claim will permanently end, and you cannot seek additional compensation if your condition suddenly worsens.

However, even if a doctor has declared that you have reached MMI, it is worth examining whether there are any other issues to consider before proceeding with the settlement process. For example, you should ensure you have records of all medical bills and related expenses that have already been paid and will still need to be paid in the future. You should also identify ongoing needs for things like prescription medications. Finally, you should determine whether settling your workers’ comp claim would impact other benefits you are receiving and expect to receive in the future, such as:

  • Social Security disability benefits
  • Medicare benefits
  • Compensation from third-party litigation against someone else involved in your work-related accident or illness

A qualified legal professional at OnderLaw will thoroughly examine the specific circumstances of your case before accepting any settlement offer.

Statutes of Limitation: How Long Do I Have to File a Workers’ Comp Claim?

The statutes of limitations for filing workers’ compensation claims vary across different states. Each state has a specific deadline for employees to submit their claims, and this deadline can also differ depending on the type of injury sustained.

Additionally, employees are required to adhere to specific deadlines for notifying their employers about the injury. In Webster Groves, workers must inform their employer within 30 days of the incident. Failure to notify the employer within this timeframe may put your ability to receive workers’ compensation benefits at risk.

Basic Steps in the Workers’ Comp Settlement Process

Generally, the workers’ compensation settlement process in Webster Groves will begin and end with private conversations between you and the insurance company providing your workers’ comp coverage. Missouri has a dispute resolution process that can help resolve disagreements during this process, but both parties must agree to participate in the process to move forward. This is one big reason, among many, why having help from capable legal counsel can be so vital throughout this process.

If all parties agree to a settlement, the final settlement offer must be approved by a judge within the state Workers’ Compensation Commission before it can go into effect. Judges can only reject settlement offers in workers’ comp cases if the proposal violates either party’s rights, involves fraud or duress, or was made without the claimant fully understanding their rights.

A Webster Groves Attorney Can Help Maximize Your Workers’ Compensation Settlement Value

Make no mistake: no matter what they say or how friendly they seem, insurance companies are never on your side during the workers’ comp claims process. It is virtually a guarantee that your employer’s insurance provider will try to get you to agree to a settlement that minimizes their financial liability without considering your needs. If you are not prepared to fight proactively for your rights, you may have no choice but to accept that lowball offer.

Guidance from our team of knowledgeable and dedicated lawyers at OnderLaw can make a massive difference in what kind of workers’ compensation settlement in Webster Groves you can obtain. We will fight for the maximum benefits you deserve. Call today to speak with one of our committed attorneys.