After getting hurt or becoming seriously ill on the job, workers’ compensation can be vital to covering basic living expenses and maintaining your financial security while you recover. However, insurance providers are not always clear about what benefits you may be entitled to receive, or what a fair value for those benefits might be.

A qualified workers’ compensation attorney at OnderLaw can answer any questions you have during a confidential consultation. You’ll find out about the benefits you should receive based on your specific injury or illness. And, if you are not receiving the fair payments you are entitled to, we will stand up to greedy insurance companies and fight for what is right.

In the meantime, below are some basic facts about workers’ compensation benefits in Webster Groves that you should know before filing a claim.

What Medical Benefits Does Workers’ Comp Provide in Webster Groves?

Workers’ compensation is meant to cover all the costs of “reasonable” medical treatment necessary to help an injured or sick worker reach “maximum medical improvement.” Depending on the circumstances, “maximum medical improvement” can be either the point at which:

  • You have completely recovered from your injury or illness and can return to the same work you performed prior to getting hurt or sick
  • You have improved as much as you can reasonably expect to in light of a permanent disability

Workers’ comp should cover not only bills related to doctors’ appointments, lab tests, and surgical procedures, but also medical equipment like:

  • Wheelchairs
  • Prescription medications
  • Physical therapy
  • Any diagnostic tests or studies deemed necessary by treating physicians

It is also possible to get reimbursement for travel expenses related to medical treatment. Our dedicated legal professionals at OnderLaw can work to ensure you are getting the fair payments you need for all of your medical-related care.

Calculating the Value of Disability Payments

When a work-related injury or illness leaves you temporarily or permanently disabled, workers’ compensation in Webster Groves should provide disability benefits equivalent to two-thirds of your average weekly wage before you got hurt or sick—up to a prescribed maximum determined based on the statewide average minimum wage.

If you are permanently partially disabled due to a work-related injury or illness—meaning you can still work to some extent but cannot perform to the same level you could before getting hurt or sick—you may be entitled to an additional weekly permanent partial disability (PPD) benefit. The state of Missouri uses a complex formula to calculate how long PPD benefits should last that factors in the “level” and the “disability percentage” of the injury or illness, as one of our knowledgeable attorneys can further explain.

Death Benefits from Workers’ Comp Claims

When someone passes away due to a work-related injury or illness in Webster Groves, their surviving spouse and dependent children are entitled to the same disability benefits that the deceased worker would have received had they survived the incident. If a deceased worker’s spouse remarries, they can receive an additional two years of death benefits as a lump-sum payment. Workers’ comp should also cover up to $5,000 of funeral expenses.

Losing a loved one in this way is a devastating experience. If your spouse or parent lost their life while on the job, allow a compassionate lawyer at OnderLaw to guide you through this difficult time. We can handle every aspect of the workers’ comp claims process, so you can focus on what matters—caring for yourself and your loved ones.

A Webster Groves Attorney Can Explain Workers’ Compensation Benefits in More Detail

Determining what benefits you should receive through your workers’ comp claim can be far from simple. On top of that, you will likely face opposition from your employer and their insurance provider regarding how much money they should pay—both for short-term medical bills and long-term losses of working capacity.

When it comes to maximizing workers’ compensation benefits in Webster Groves, there is no substitute for an experienced workers’ comp lawyer’s support. Schedule a consultation to discuss your situation with a committed legal professional at OnderLaw today. We don’t just take on cases, we take on causes. Call today.