Getting hit by a car can change a life in an instant. It is devastating to watch someone deal with painful injuries that prevent them from working and doing the things they love, all because of a driver’s moment of carelessness. When you suffer a pedestrian accident, you deserve compensation from the person responsible.

Sadly, drivers and their insurance companies will often blame you for your injuries to avoid paying what you deserve. Insurance representatives may act friendly and caring to trick you into accepting a settlement offer that doesn’t represent the full value of your claim. In these situations, you need a steadfast advocate who will stand up for your rights and support you in your healing.

Let a Webster Groves pedestrian accident lawyer at OnderLaw be your guide through the often-complicated justice system. On the legal side, we will work to prove the driver’s fault for the accident and fight for the compensation you need to set things right. On the personal side, we will stand on your side and by your side to help you through this difficult time.

State Laws Provide Protection for Pedestrians

Various state laws protect pedestrians, including the crosswalk law under Missouri Revised Statute § 300.375. This statute requires all drivers to yield to pedestrians already in the roadway. This applies regardless of whether there is a marked crosswalk on the pavement. A violation of this statute that results in a collision is a strong indicator of a driver’s liability for the accident.

In addition to the legal obligations of drivers to protect pedestrians, all motorists also assume a general duty of care behind the wheel. This concept requires drivers to keep their attention on the road and operate their vehicles with a general sense of caution. Whether a driver committed a moving violation or failed their general duty of care, they should be held accountable for an ensuing collision.

Our Webster Groves attorneys can work to prove the driver’s fault for a pedestrian accident while you focus on healing. We are not afraid to stand up to defense lawyers at insurance companies who may try to shift the blame onto innocent victims and avoid paying compensation. OnderLaw doesn’t just take on cases; we take on causes.

The Impact of a Pedestrian Collision

Proving responsibility for a pedestrian and motor vehicle collision is only one part of a successful case. Our experienced lawyers in Webster Groves also work to understand the full impact of the pedestrian accident on your life. We know that these incidents can be as emotionally and financially devastating as they are physically painful.

Physical Injuries

All pedestrian accident cases will concentrate on the victim’s physical injuries, whether they suffered a broken bone, spinal cord damage, or a traumatic brain injury. The at-fault driver should provide payment for every medical expense related to the pedestrian accident.

Emotional Trauma

This same concept applies to emotional losses. Many people experience significant drops in their quality of life due to pain, suffering, or emotional trauma after a pedestrian collision. They may also be unable to return to work during their recovery or need to switch jobs due to permanent disability. In these situations, the pedestrian accident lawyers at OnderLaw will pursue the compensation a victim needs to live comfortably and account for their long-term losses.

Our legal team is made up of people from your Webster Groves community who know how devastating and life-changing these incidents can be. We are committed to helping injured members of our community take back their lives and power after severe accidents. We will be with you, every step of the way.

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Pedestrian collisions can affect every part of your life. They may result in severe physical injuries requiring extensive medical attention. They can also cause emotional trauma and financial losses that necessitate major life adjustments. When a driver causes you harm, you have the right to demand that they provide fair compensation for every one of your losses.

Let a Webster Groves pedestrian accident lawyer stand on and by your side throughout your case. The dedicated legal team at OnderLaw will explain your rights under the law, investigate the incident, and demand that drivers and insurance companies pay fair compensation for your losses. Remember that insurance companies are not your friends. They will do anything to limit their liability and protect their bottom lines. You need a skilled advocate to help you seek justice and assert your rights. Call OnderLaw today to learn how we can take up your cause.