As a motorcyclist, you understand the dangers that other drivers and motorists can pose to you on the road. Even if you do everything right as a rider, someone else acting irresponsibly could have devastating and potentially life-altering repercussions. Unfortunately, filing a lawsuit against someone who causes an accident and injuries can be much more challenging than you might expect, but it is also likely the only way you will receive the compensation you need to move forward with your life.

Insurance companies are not on your side. If you have been involved in a motorcycle crash that was not your fault, you may have been contacted by the liable person’s insurance company. Their job is to settle your claim as quickly and cheaply as possible. When they talk to you, they will seem friendly, helpful, and even as if they care about you. Do not be fooled. They know you probably don’t know all of your rights.

That’s where we come in.

We can help you improve your odds. The skilled Webster Groves motorcycle accident lawyers at OnderLaw will be both on your side and by your side throughout your case. Our experienced personal injury attorneys know how to fight—and win—on behalf of people like you who are dealing with serious injuries.

Liability for a Motorbiking Wreck

Like in most personal injury claims, holding someone legally accountable for the effects of a motorcycle accident requires proving that they were negligent in some way. Our skilled Webster Groves attorneys will establish the following facts for the motorcycle crash in question:

  • The person who harmed you had a duty to act responsibly and carefully to minimize the risk of others getting hurt (this is a given for all claims involving motor vehicle drivers as defendants).
  • They did something careless, reckless, and/or illegal that constituted a breach of their duty, like violating a traffic law or driving while distracted.
  • The defendant’s breach was the primary and direct cause of your accident, which in turn was the primary and direct cause of at least one physical injury you suffered that required professional medical attention.
  • Everything you are asking for in your lawsuit or settlement demand stems directly from losses you sustained in the accident.

Partial Liability by the Motorcyclist

Motorcyclists are often accused of being partially liable for their own accident-related injuries based on the assumption that they were reckless or careless. Any percentage of total fault assigned by a court to an injured motorcyclist will be held against them and deducted from the compensation they are awarded.

If you stand up for your rights, it is likely that you will be accused by the insurance company or other defendants of being at least partially at fault. Our motorcycle accident attorneys in Webster Groves have a long history of effectively fighting these types of allegations.

Insurance companies and other liable parties count on the fact that they can entice or bully you into accepting less than you deserve. We level the playing field and hold them fully accountable.

Getting Paid for Motorcycling Damages

If you can prove that someone else is 100 percent at fault for causing a motorcycle crash, you can demand full restitution for every loss stemming from the accident. This includes past and future economic and non-economic losses such as:

  • All medical expenses for accident-related injuries
  • Motorcycle replacement/repair costs, plus other property damage, if applicable
  • Lost work wages/salary, as well as lost future working ability
  • Lost enjoyment of life
  • Physical and psychological suffering

As per Missouri Revised Statutes § 510.261, a court may impose additional punitive damages against a defendant as punishment for their actions. As a knowledgeable motorcycle wreck lawyer could explain, these damages are rare. They would only be awarded if the motorcycle accident involved “deliberate and flagrant disregard” for the victim’s safety and/or intentionally malicious conduct.

Let a Webster Groves Motorcycle Accident Attorney Support You

Even if you only suffer minor injuries and some property damage, being involved in a motorcycle wreck can be a terrifying experience. If a recent motorcycle crash left you with severe and life-changing losses, taking prompt and proactive legal action could be essential to preserving your best interests and well-being.

Seek legal representation from a dedicated Webster Groves motorcycle accident lawyer at OnderLaw, who will stand by your side at every step of your claim.

These types of claims have specific filing deadlines under state law, so time is of the essence. We take extraordinary pride in helping motorcyclists to take back their lives when they have been seriously injured in a crash.

Get started today! Call OnderLaw. We can help.