Every day, millions of people around the country rely on prescriptions and over-the-counter medications to manage their pain, treat chronic illnesses, and recover after an injury or surgery. These individuals rely on pharmaceutical companies to produce products that are safe for their intended use.

Unfortunately, legal but dangerous drugs often hit the market due to negligence and corporate misconduct. When you suffer harm from an unsafe medication, you need a Webster Groves dangerous drugs lawyer to advocate for and support you in your recovery.

Our OnderLaw team of legal professionals has a long history of holding pharmaceutical companies accountable for profiting from drugs that harm trusting consumers and patients. We are with you every step of the way in holding the pharmaceutical company accountable for the harm it caused. With help from our skilled injury attorneys, you can recover the compensation you need to recover from your losses and live comfortably as you heal. A lawsuit can also motivate the drug company to test and manufacture their products more carefully in the future, preventing other people from experiencing what you went through. Our legal team is fearless in standing up to the big corporations and fighting for our community members. We don’t just take on cases; we take on causes.

What Makes a Drug Dangerous?

Taking any medication is a personal choice between a patient and a medical professional. Even relatively safe substances such as aspirin or antacids have potential side effects that can have a powerful impact on a person’s health. Deciding whether to take a drug always involves a consideration of the possible benefits and risks.

Patients and doctors rely on accurate data from drugmakers to make this decision. To place a drug on the market, drugmakers must perform extensive tests and submit their findings to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for approval. Any attempt to avoid this approval process or provide false information to the FDA is inexcusable. Unfortunately, this still happens all too often.

Our attorneys are prepared to bring dangerous drug lawsuits and hold manufacturers accountable. Even if a drugmaker satisfies every requirement to receive FDA approval, it may still be liable for producing an inherently dangerous medication. To make this case, your local attorney must prove the drug was dangerous due to its chemical composition and that a potential alternative design would have prevented your injury. A Webster Groves dangerous drugs attorney at OnderLaw will stand with you every step of the way in seeking justice for your suffering.

Possible Limitations in a Defective Drugs Case

Dangerous drug lawsuits are often complex. Proving that a medication caused your injury may require analyzing the drug’s chemical composition and proposing alternative designs that would provide the drug’s stated benefits without the risks. Our skilled lawyers work with experts who can testify that a drug is dangerous.

Another potential pitfall in these cases is the statute of limitations. This law places a time limit on all claims for compensation following a personal injury. Missouri Statute § 516.120 says that most people have five years from the date of injury to demand compensation. The sooner you reach out to OnderLaw, the sooner our pharmaceutical litigation attorneys can begin supporting you in your recovery and fighting for the compensation you deserve. Our dangerous drugs lawyers in Webster Groves aren’t just on your side; we’re by your side.

Reach Out to a Webster Groves Dangerous Drugs Attorney Today

Anyone who suffers an injury because of the negligence or recklessness of another party has the right to demand compensation. This includes negligent and dishonest corporations like pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Sadly, the fight against negligent drug manufacturers can seem impossible on your own, especially while dealing with severe injuries. These companies have significant resources to fight lawsuits and avoid paying what you deserve.

A Webster Groves dangerous drugs lawyer will be your advocate and guiding hand in this difficult time. As experienced lawyers, OnderLaw will gather relevant evidence, explain the law, and work with qualified experts who can demonstrate the drug maker’s negligence. As people who care about our community, we will stand by your side throughout the healing process. Call us today to get started.