We’ve all experienced minor burns at some point in our lives. Although painful, these injuries will heal on their own without permanent consequences. However, being severely burned can change the course of your life and require significant medical treatment to reduce suffering and regain mobility. These devastating injuries are even more tragic when they result from preventable scenarios.

When someone acts carelessly and causes a fire that results in a severe burn, OnderLaw is here to help make things right.

A Webster Groves burn injury lawyer at our firm is prepared to take the necessary steps to seek the compensation you deserve. This includes evaluating the severity of your injury, obtaining evidence of another person’s fault, and demanding appropriate payments through insurance settlements and lawsuits. Our skilled catastrophic injury attorneys are not just on your side; we are by your side, fighting for justice on your behalf.

Common Causes of Burns

The most common cause of a burn injury is exposure to direct flames or other extreme heat sources. This can occur due to car accidents, malfunctioning kitchen equipment, or failing heaters. Burns may also result from exposure to other hazards like toxic chemicals or acid exposure at industrial locations. Common causes of burn injuries include:

An experienced Webster Groves attorney at OnderLaw can investigate the situation and determine how your burn occurred. We will work to build a strong claim for compensation against the person responsible for harming you. Our team is dedicated to standing with our clients and helping them heal.

Degrees of Burn Injuries

First-degree burns are the least serious type of burn. Typically, these injuries will heal completely with minimal medical care. However, first-degree burns can still be painful and result in permanent scarring.

Second-degree burns penetrate the skin and can cause nerve damage. Surgery is often necessary to treat these wounds. Even with medical intervention, second-degree burns can still lead to permanent loss of function or sensation in the affected area.

Third-degree burns are the most severe, affecting multiple layers of skin down to the bones and internal organs. When these burns affect a significant portion of a person’s body, they may be classified as catastrophic injuries. A third-degree burn victim will likely never fully recover from these wounds and may need significant compensation to live as comfortably as possible after the accident.

Liability for a Burn Accident in Webster Groves

If you and your Webster Groves attorney can show that another person was to blame for your burn injuries, you can hold them financially accountable for your losses. OnderLaw works to determine the full impact of a burn on your life and demand that liable parties provide the payments you deserve.

However, you have a limited time following an injury to demand compensation. In most situations, Missouri Statute § 516.120 sets this time limit at five years from the date of the accident. The sooner you reach out to our burn injury lawyers in Webster Groves, the sooner we can support you in your healing journey.

Reach Out to a Webster Groves Burn Injury Attorney Today

Many factors can cause severe burns, including exposure to extreme heat, friction, harsh chemicals, and radiation. If you suffered a burn in an accident caused by someone else, you deserve compensation to help you make your best recovery. A successful lawsuit or insurance settlement may be the best way to secure payments for your medical care, missing income, and lost quality of life.

Contact a Webster Groves burn lawyer at OnderLaw to discuss your case in a free, no-obligation consultation. Our attorneys have decades of experience fighting and winning for injured people like you. We won’t settle for a lowball offer or let the insurance companies bully you into accepting less than you deserve. We are prepared to take up your cause and help you put your life back together. Call us today to discuss your situation with our caring legal advocates.