No matter where, how, or why it happens, getting rear-ended can be a jarring and often physically traumatic experience, especially if the driver who hit you did not slow down before the impact. Unfortunately, knowing that someone else is responsible for causing a wreck like this does not mean holding them legally accountable for its consequences will be easy.

Guidance from dedicated legal counsel can make a world of difference in your chances of getting fairly compensated following a rear-end car accident in Webster Groves. Insurance companies are not on your side in situations like this, but our experienced auto collision attorneys could be. At OnderLaw, we will be on your side and by your side throughout every stage of your settlement negotiations, fighting for your cause.

Recovering for All Available Damages

While rear-end car wrecks in Webster Groves are often minor accidents, they still can cause serious injuries resulting in long-lasting physical, financial, and personal losses. Both economic and non-economic forms of harm stemming from a crash of this nature can be factored into an ensuing civil claim, including:

  • Lost overall enjoyment of life
  • Physical pain and discomfort
  • Vehicle repair/replacement costs
  • Psychological trauma and emotional distress
  • Medical bills, including expected future care costs
  • Lost work income, including expected future losses due to long-term disability

The financial value of a rear-end car accident claim will vary significantly depending on your specific injuries and losses. Therefore, it is always worth discussing potential recovery options—including what insurance may or may not cover—with a qualified legal professional at OnderLaw before filing suit.

Establishing Liability While Avoiding Comparative Fault

Of course, civil recovery is only possible after Webster Groves rear-end car accidents when you can prove someone else is legally liable for your injuries. Typically, this means proving that the defendant(s) named in your claim directly caused your injuries through negligence. A driver is negligent when they fail to uphold what is called a “duty of care” that they have as a licensed driver to avoid acting recklessly or carelessly in a way that leads to an otherwise avoidable collision.

Breaches of this duty can be overt violations of traffic laws like speeding or following too close behind another vehicle, or they can be careless actions like briefly losing concentration on the road. It is worth emphasizing, though, that while the rearmost driver involved in this type of wreck usually holds most of the fault, courts do not assume that is the case in every situation.

If you get rear-ended because you slammed on your brakes suddenly, swerved in front of someone else, or did anything else negligent, you may be assigned a share of what’s called “comparative fault” for your injuries. Then, based on the percentage of fault you hold, the court could reduce the total value of your claim. For instance, the court may subtract 20 percent from the damages award you otherwise would have been eligible to receive if you are deemed to be 20 percent at fault. When you enlist the help of our proactive team of attorneys at OnderLaw, we will work to protect your rights and prove that the other driver is entirely responsible for the crash leading to your damages, absolving you of any blame.

Contact a Webster Groves Attorney for Help with a Rear-End Car Accident Claim

Rear-end car crashes can lead to long-lasting and life-altering harm, especially when they happen at high speeds. Even if you just need help covering short-term medical expenses and repair bills, though, you deserve to be reimbursed fairly for the damages someone else caused you through their misconduct.

Our trusted car accident attorneys can stand by you throughout the legal process and tenaciously enforce your rights. At OnderLaw, we don’t just take on cases; we take on causes—and we’re ready to take on yours. Call today to learn how our legal team can help after a rear-end car accident in Webster Groves.