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Written by: OnderLaw, LLC
Last Updated : December 7, 2021

Truvada Trial Affected by COVID-19

Posted on Wednesday, July 29th, 2020

As COVID-19 continues to impact in-person court action, bellwether trials for mass torts and other civil court cases will likely be postponed. These continuations include a bellwether trial previously slated to be heard next winter, in January 2022, against Gilead for damage done by anti-HIV drug Truvada, or PrEP. Currently, the court has ordered the first Truvada litigation to start in April 2022. There are also strict deadlines on discovery, document exchange, and bellwether selection ordered so that the litigation will continue at a steady pace.

Though Missouri courts are expected to soon re-integrate jury trials and other proceedings on a case-by-case basis in August, moving the backlog of criminal trials through Missouri courts will be the top priority. Criminal defendants are guaranteed a speedy trial by the U.S. Constitution, and thousands of defendants have been waiting in increasingly crowded jails for months since coronavirus forced court proceedings to come to a halt.

For plaintiffs involved in mass tort litigation, including Truvada lawsuits, that may be good news. Having additional time to prepare for cases is always an advantage. The OnderLaw Truvada team has continued to work full-speed ahead, holding video conferences when possible to keep cases moving, accessing and documenting medical and pharmacy records for thousands of plaintiffs, and vetting experts to testify on behalf of plaintiffs. We currently have several highly credentialed, passionate physicians and other healthcare providers eager to testify on our plaintiffs’ behalf.

The team has contacted everyone to-date for whom records or other information was needed. If we need additional documentation from you, you will be notified directly. 

As we’ve shared in the past, mass tort litigations like these cases, take time. We understand the frustrations. After all, we too are at the mercy of court dockets, conflicting schedules, continuances, and other delays. Rest assured, however, that our team is always working behind the scenes to bring you justice.

Thank you for your patience as we continue our work. We are dedicated to holding companies accountable for putting profits over people. No one is arguing that HIV prevention is bad, but we intend to prove in court that Gilead and other manufacturers knew there were safer alternatives to TDF, and that Gilead continued to cause undue risk for their own financial gains. 

It’s not too late to file claims against Gilead and other TDF drug providers. Anyone who has suffered kidney, bone, or teeth issues after taking Truvada can still submit a claim. Time is of the essence. Call OnderLaw at 314-963-9000 for a free, no-obligation consultation. We don’t get paid unless you win your case.


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