The Next Wave in Motorcycle Safety: Embracing Bike-Mounted Airbag Systems

Accidents on the road can happen in a split second, and for motorcyclists, the consequences can be devastating. While helmets and protective clothing provide a level of safety, innovations in motorcycle safety technology are paving the way for even more robust protection. At OnderLaw, we advocate for not only representing individuals who have suffered due to accidents but also for promoting preventative safety measures. The emergence of bike-mounted airbag systems is a game-changing development that has the potential to save countless lives.

The New Frontier: Autoliv’s Airbag System

Although the concept of mounting an airbag on a motorcycle isn’t new, the widespread adoption of this technology has been limited. Enter Autoliv, a leading player in the automotive safety systems market. With their vast experience in providing safety solutions for vehicles, Autoliv has set its sights on revolutionizing motorcycle safety.

Targeting the mass market by 2025, Autoliv aims to address the significant number of urban crashes that occur between cars and bikes in high-density areas like Asia and India. Such accidents are particularly concerning because riders in these regions often lack adequate protective gear.

How It Works

Autoliv’s motorcycle airbag system operates similarly to car airbags. The system uses a gas generator, activated by an electrical signal, to inflate the airbag, creating a protective barrier in front of the rider. Positioned either behind the motorcycle’s bars or within the scooter’s front fairing, this barrier is particularly effective against the common “side road collision” where a car unexpectedly intersects a motorcycle’s path. In such scenarios, Autoliv’s data indicates a drastic reduction in the Head Injury Criterion score from 6794 without an airbag to a much safer 118 with it. Such a significant decrease is a testament to the potential life-saving capabilities of this technology.

More than Just an Airbag

Beyond just the airbag, Autoliv is exploring other protective gear like airbag vests, helmets, and backpacks. However, the advantage of the on-bike system is its ever-present nature, protecting riders irrespective of their chosen attire.

The Path Forward

The initial rollout will focus on vehicles most commonly involved in urban collisions, such as scooters and commuter bikes. A partnership with Piaggio hints that their MP3 scooter might be among the first to feature this safety tech.

While Autoliv is at the forefront of this new wave, Honda, a pioneering name in motorcycle safety, has also delved into airbag tech, most notably with their Gold Wing model. Their next-gen ideas, such as a seat-mounted airbag, further exemplify the industry’s commitment to enhancing rider safety.

At OnderLaw, we believe in the proactive approach – preventing accidents before they happen. As motorcycling enthusiasts and safety advocates, we’re excited about the potential of bike-mounted airbags. Just as seat belts and airbags in cars have become standard safety features, we hope to see bike-mounted airbag systems become an essential component of every motorcycle, ensuring that every ride is safer and more secure.

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