Mary Anne Houser

Having no other communication than email and one phone call, I have felt as though I mattered. Immediately a response and my case is only a fraction of thousands included within this lawsuit. So, imagine how much at ease personally I felt when I contacted them for several issues, those of which I needed clarification on.
In a world where almost NO ONE seems to care, I now have found a renewed FAITH in humanity. I was contacted immediately and caught up to speed, asking very difficult questions and getting back truthful answers. Honesty, integrity and following through are also lacking in Society today, yet again, I am most appreciative and grateful for the sincerity and all the aforementioned qualities of the above regarding this FIRM. Thank you for ALWAYS returning my requests from giving you a change of telephone number, or a simple, or even complex issue. This in my opinion speaks volumes about OnderLaw, LLC , and ALL the dedicated personal who work tirelessly on behalf of their Clients! God Bless you ALWAYS.
Thank you.

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