Surprising Connection Between Swimsuit Color and Safety

Recent reports have shed light on how dark-colored swimsuits, often adorning our little swimmers, can create hidden dangers, potentially leading to drowning or serious injuries.

The Camouflage Conundrum:

Campaigners have issued a vital warning that dark-colored swimsuits, including shades of blue, black, and deep tones, can make children invisible below the water’s surface. This alarming revelation could cost rescuers precious seconds in an emergency situation. The concept is simple but significant – when submerged, dark-colored swimsuits can blend with the water, making it difficult to spot children in need of help.

A Wake-Up Call from Concerned Parents:

The concern becomes all too real when hearing stories from parents who have experienced this issue firsthand. Yianoula Philippou, a mother of two, shared a distressing video of her son, Lucas, ‘disappearing’ under water while wearing a blue shark-print swimsuit during a family vacation. This heartbreaking scenario illustrates how even well-intentioned purchases can inadvertently place our children at risk.

A Case for Bright and Bold:

Experts are urging parents to opt for swimsuits in bright, neon colors, which stand out prominently in water. A study by water safety firm Alive Solutions demonstrated that colors like orange, pink, green, and yellow are easily visible, while dark hues such as blue, grey, and white performed poorly in visibility tests. Solid colors also outperformed patterned swimsuits.

Taking Action for a Safer Swim:

The importance of pool safety cannot be overstated, and as we approach the peak of swimming season, it’s crucial to take preventive measures. Ensuring that your child’s swimsuit is easily distinguishable in the water is a small step that can make a monumental difference.


At OnderLaw, we prioritize the well-being of families and advocate for their safety. The unexpected connection between swimsuit color and pool safety is a poignant reminder that awareness and vigilance are essential when it comes to protecting our children. As you head to the pool during these last days of summer, remember the importance of bright and bold swimsuits that keep our young swimmers visible and safe. Together, let’s create a safer environment for our little ones to enjoy the joys of swimming while minimizing risks. If you have any concerns or questions about pool safety or related matters, don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team for guidance and support. Your peace of mind is our top priority.