Have you or someone you loved been the victim of an accident involving a garbage or dump truck? These vehicles are large and can be extremely dangerous when operated incorrectly or driven recklessly. Truck drivers struggling to meet deadlines can make matters even more dangerous.

If you were hurt in an accident with a garbage or dump truck, you shouldn’t have to cope with escalating medical expenses, while struggling to carry on without an income if you’re unable to work. The St. Louis garbage and dump truck accident lawyers at OnderLaw understand that this is a painful time for you, and you don’t have to navigate the legal system alone. Our truck accident attorneys can help you assert your legal rights and secure the financial reward you need, so you can focus on healing.

Insurance companies will try to ensure you get less than what you’re owed. Don’t settle for less. We have a solid track record of success in recovering the full compensation our clients deserve. Call OnderLaw today so we can help get what you deserve. You may be entitled to significant compensation.

Why You Need a Lawyer

All trucking companies have a team of lawyers on standby to handle their cases. The insurance companies involved will almost always offer a settlement that’s a fraction of your costs. You should seek a settlement that covers all your expenses and losses, such as medical bills, repairs, lost wages, and emotional trauma. But insurance companies’ settlement offers usually don’t even cover medical bills.

Insurance companies will work hard to build a case against you, and will often resort to shady tactics, such as making you feel like the accident was your fault, or even trying to get you to say something they can later use to weaken your case.

If insurance companies are hassling you to settle quickly at a low cost, you should get a lawyer on your side to handle the case for you. You won’t even have to speak with the insurance companies at all since a lawyer will do this on your behalf.

A skilled truck accident attorney will thoroughly investigate your accident and recover all relevant evidence. They will identify all of the parties who might be liable in your case and all sources of financial recovery. They will negotiate assertively for the full compensation you’re owed, and prepare to take your case to trial, if needed, to secure your monetary reward.

You’ve just been through something terrible and shouldn’t have to fight just to get what you’re owed. Let a lawyer handle your case while you focus on the things that really matter, like your recovery and loved ones.

Why Choose OnderLaw

Our attorneys at OnderLaw have secured more than $3 billion for our clients during our time in operation. Our largest settlement to date resulted in $110 million for our client in a case against Johnson & Johnson. In an automobile collision case, we won one client $22.5 million after her accident, the largest reported personal injury settlement in St. Louis County.

Our award-winning, highly experienced team has the record to back up our claims. We strive to be compassionate and understanding of your unique situation and will work with you to get the compensation you deserve.

The first consultation with OnderLaw is free, with no obligation to make any follow-up appointments. We want you to have all the tools and knowledge at your disposal without having to pay any fees, so that you can make the right decision for your needs. Give us a call so we can get started right away.

Causes of Garbage and Dump Truck Accidents

Garbage and dump trucks are very large vehicles that can cause damage in many ways. Here are some common causes of garbage and dump trucks accidents:

  • Frequent stops. Due to the nature of their job, these trucks stop regularly and can cause a crash, depending on how and where they stop.
  • Backing up. Because of their vehicle’s size and substantial blind spots, drivers of these vehicles need to be cautious when backing up. Driving in reverse can result in serious damages or injuries.
  • Poor maintenance. If the truck companies and their drivers don’t keep up with regular maintenance on these vehicles, then the resulting failures could have dire consequences. Brake failure, hydraulic failure, tire failure, and other problems with trucks of this size spell disaster.
  • Load problems. Sometimes, a crash is caused by an incorrectly handled load. These can be in the forms of premature dumpings, not securing loads properly, and oversized loads.
  • External Conditions. While external factors such as the weather can cause many accidents, the drivers of these vehicles also have to be aware of narrow passages, narrow roadsides, and nearby pedestrians, even if they seem far away.
  • Distracted Driving. Cell phones are one of the main culprits of distracted driving, but there are other common distractions, such as using GPS systems, adjusting the stereo, eating, or even talking to another passenger.
  • Driving under the influence. Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol makes it difficult for truckers to concentrate on the road and make quick decisions.
  • Driver fatigue. Under pressure to drive long hours and make tight deadlines, some truckers drive while drowsy, making them more likely to make a mistake behind the wheel.

Whatever you think the cause may be of your crash, we’ll investigate the accident thoroughly to develop a solid case against the at-fault truck driver.

Preventable Accidents

The fact that these truck accidents are preventable can make your injuries and pain all the more frustrating. Proper training and vehicle upkeep should be in place to prevent terrible accidents with garbage and dump trucks. A few simple ways accidents can be prevented are:

  • Maintaining vehicle upkeep
  • Using a spotter when reversing while keeping direct eye contact with them
  • Stopping the vehicle so the spotter can move for a better perspective
  • Using hand signals, side mirrors, signs, lights, and other equipment when operating the vehicle
  • Using a properly trained, rested, and experienced driver

In your truck accident case, accountability rests on someone’s shoulders. Our investigations will uncover all liable parties, whether it’s the trucker for negligent driving, the trucking company for improperly hiring an inexperienced driver, or improperly training that driver, or a maintenance company for failing to properly maintain the vehicle.

Garbage and Dump Truck Statistics

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2014, garbage truck driving and collecting became the fifth-highest occupation for fatality rates. Per 100,000 full-time workers, there was an average of 35.8 deaths. In 2014, that translated to 27 deaths in the field.

The numbers are slightly different when we look at garbage and dump truck accidents with other drivers.

According to a study by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, there were 93 fatal garbage truck crashes in 2015, another 93 in 2016, and 107 in 2017. Dump trucks caused over 1,000 fatal crashes between 2015 and 2017.

Garbage and dump trucks combined made up 10.5% of the large truck fatal crashes in 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s natural to have a lot of questions during the stressful time following an accident. We’ve included answers to a list of commonly asked questions about garbage and dump truck accidents. Don’t hesitate to ask us any other questions you have about your accident by contacting us or scheduling a free consultation.

How much is my case worth?

Every case is unique, and the compensation you’re owed will depend on the specific circumstances of your accident and injuries. When you’ve been injured in a truck accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for damages, such as:

  • Present and future lost earnings
  • Present and future medical expenses
  • Property damage
  • Expenses for transportation
  • Expenses for child care
  • Pain and suffering, or mental anguish
  • Lost quality of life

We will review every possible avenue of compensation for you to secure the maximum compensation available.

How long do I have to file a claim?

Personal injury lawsuits in Missouri must be filed within five years of the accident for a civil case. So, if you’re suing a commercial garbage company, for example, you’ll have five years from the date of the accident. However, if the garbage truck belonged to a municipal entity, you may have as little as 90 days to file a formal claim against the city. The best thing to do is call a lawyer as soon as you’re able, so they can start to work on your case.

Who is liable for my case?

This is another question answered on a case-by-case basis. However, the driver of the garbage or dump truck in question that caused the accident is often not solely liable for the overall case. Liability will often also fall on the trucking company, and potentially other parties, such as the maintenance company.

If the driver was negligent, proper training may not have been implemented. If the vehicle malfunctioned, the maintenance company may have failed to follow correct procedures.

How do I know I have a case?

If you or a loved one suffered an injury or fatality in an accident caused by a truck driver, you likely have a case. However, only a small fraction of people injured by another’s negligence try filing a claim at all. Insurance companies are partially to blame, here, as they’ll try to do anything to make you settle for a low amount without consulting a lawyer.

This is why we offer a free consultation, so you can answer all your questions about your case without having to worry about spending money during this stressful time.

Contact Us for Garbage/Dump Truck Accidents in St. Louis

If you or someone you loved have been a victim of an accident involving a garbage or dump truck, don’t hesitate to contact an attorney. You should be reimbursed for medical expenses, lost wages, trauma, and other expenses and losses stemming from your accident.

Our garbage and dump truck accident lawyers at OnderLaw want to help you get the compensation you deserve. We’ll fight the insurance companies for you, so that you can focus on your family and well-being during this difficult time.

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