Hitting the roads of St. Louis on a motorcycle is a thrilling experience. However, the exhilarating feeling of the pavement rushing beneath your wheels can quickly turn to pain and anxiety when a motorcyclist is hit by a reckless driver. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are still one of the most overrepresented groups when it comes to traffic fatalities.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that in 2018, alone, 4,985 riders were killed in traffic accidents. Thousands more are injured and face the prospect of mounting medical bills and the possibility of never being able to ride again because of their injuries. Some of the worst accidents are caused by drivers who disregard traffic laws by running red lights. A rider can be caught off guard and suffer serious, life-threatening injuries from this type of collision.

At OnderLaw , we understand that when you’re injured in an accident, it can be hard to keep up with medical bills and daily expenses when you’re missing work and paychecks and trying to recover from your injuries. If you or a loved one have been injured by a driver that ran a red light or broke another traffic law in St. Louis, you may be entitled to compensation that can help cover your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

You don’t have to settle for a lowball settlement offer from the insurance company that may not even cover your medical costs. Call the legal team at OnderLaw to review your case. We hold reckless drivers accountable for their actions, and we’ll help make you whole again. Call to schedule a free consultation.

Dangers of Running Red Lights

It seems odd that we need to spell out the dangers associated with running red lights, but there are reckless drivers who continue to engage in this type of behavior. In fact, according to AAA, the death toll from drivers running red lights has hit a 10-year high. At least two people are killed every day on our roads by drivers neglecting to follow the rules of the road and speeding through red lights.

This reckless and illegal activity can take its toll on anyone caught in the crossfire, but it is particularly dangerous for motorcyclists. Running a red light may involve a split-second decision on the part of the negligent driver, but the consequences may have life-long implications for the unsuspecting rider that gets hit.

Here are just a few of the consequences associated with running a red light:

  • More likely to cause significant damage – Running a red light oftentimes means that a driver is moving at an accelerated speed. High speed combined with other drivers not expecting anyone to be in the intersection means serious injuries. Red light accidents often cause T-bone style accidents. These accidents can send riders flying from the motorcycle to land in the path of other oncoming cars.
  • High fatality rates – Given the sudden and violent impact of an unexpected collision, the fatality rate of this type of accident is high, especially when motorcyclists are involved.
  • Commonly broken traffic law – AAA found that while 85 percent of drivers say running a red light is extremely dangerous, 1 in 3 admit that they went through a red light in just the past 30 days. Unfortunately, people trying to beat the light is an all too common occurrence.
  • Impaired driving can influence red light running – When a driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they are more prone to making poor decisions. This contributes to risky behaviors such as running red lights.

Breaking Other Traffic Laws

Traffic laws exist to keep drivers safe on the road. They are not arbitrary rules that are meant to be suggestions or guidelines. Running a red light can kill, running a stop sign can kill, driving with excessive speed can kill, and drinking and driving can kill. Each and every example carries a deadly statistic; thousands have been killed and injured by drivers who did not take the responsibility of driving a car seriously.

For motorcyclists, these rules are particularly important. Cars that drive aggressively or recklessly still have seatbelts and airbags to protect the driver. When a motorcyclist is hit, they don’t have an airbag to fall back on – instead, they face severe injuries resulting from the impact with the hard pavement.

Types of Injuries Associated with Red Light Accidents

When it comes to red light accidents, motorcyclists may face serious and life-threatening injuries. In part, that may be because a rider is not fully expecting to be involved in an accident while obeying their set of traffic lights. The accident happens so suddenly and out of nowhere that a rider has little time to react or take evasive actions to avoid the collision.

Accidents with cars are also particularly devastating because a rider often has nothing more than a helmet and their clothes to rely on for protection. A car has the benefit of thousands of pounds of metal, airbags, and other safety features to protect its driver and passengers.

These are some of the more common types of injuries that a motorcycle rider may experience following a red-light accident:

These types of serious injuries may require hospital stays, medication, rehabilitation, and frequent doctor’s visits. The medical bills quickly begin adding up and may crush a victim under their collective weight. While the bills keep rolling in, a serious injury typically means the victim is unable to work, at least for a time. Without the prospect of a paycheck, these bills become even more daunting.

The actions of a negligent driver should not put your financial security at risk. OnderLaw helps victims recover the compensation they need to cover their medical expenses so that they can focus on their recovery rather than constantly worry over how to pay for their necessary care.

Compensation Following a Motorcycle Accident

When facing accumulating medical bills, it’s understandable that you want to be compensated as quickly as possible following your accident. However, accepting the insurance company’s first settlement offer is typically not in a motorcyclist’s best interests.

Even for something as seemingly cut and dry as a driver running a red light, each and every case has its own set of unique circumstances, which can greatly impact the compensation you may be able to receive for your damages. An experienced attorney at OnderLaw can give you a sense of the compensation you should expect for your accident.

It also helps to understand Missouri laws and how they may impact the amount of compensation that a victim may receive after being involved in an accident. That state of Missouri follows what is known as a “pure comparative fault” model when it comes to awarding damages in car accident cases. That means that the amount of damages a victim may be entitled to is reduced by the same percentage as their level of fault for causing the accident.

What does that look like in reality? Here’s an example, if a jury finds that you are 10 percent at fault for causing an accident, you are entitled to the total amount of damages minus 10 percent. In a pure comparative fault state, it doesn’t matter what percentage fault you are for an accident; everyone is allowed to receive some percentage of the total amount of damages.

While that sounds like a good deal even for a reckless driver, consider this. If the reckless driver is found to 90 percent at fault for causing, they are entitled to receive 10 percent of the total amount of damages. However, they are also responsible for covering 90 percent of the motorcyclists’ damages, as well.

While a variety of factors may go into determining the amount of compensation a motorcyclist may receive after a collision, there are some common types of compensation they may be entitled to, such as:

  • Medical bills
  • Future medical or rehabilitation costs
  • Lost wages
  • Wages lost as a result of diminished earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering

An attorney with OnderLaw will be able to take into consideration all the facts surrounding your particular case in order to assess the amount of damages you may be entitled to.

Contact a St. Louis Lawyer for Traffic Violation Motorcycle Accidents

Someone else’s negligent actions shouldn’t cost you your health and your livelihood. The experienced motorcycle accident lawyers of OnderLaw can help you recover the compensation you need to rebuild your life. Our mission is to give you the personal care and attention you deserve while aggressively fighting to get you fair and just compensation.

We have the resources it takes to thoroughly investigate your accident, gather evidence, and build a strong case for you. Don’t trust that a reckless driver’s insurance company is going to take care of you and your needs – get someone on your side who has your best interests in mind.

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