Motorcycles are an entertaining and exhilarating form of transportation. Whether you are riding for leisure or commuting to work, there is a sense of freedom and adventure that comes from traveling on two wheels. However, there is also no denying that motorcycles can also be a dangerous mode of transportation, especially when motorcyclists are hit by a speeding motorist.

Given their lack of protection, motorcyclists already face the possibility of getting seriously injured when an accident occurs. However, when they’re hit by a speeding vehicle, the force of impact on the motorcycle increases, and so, too, does the risk of severe injury and even death. Numbers from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that, in 2018, 4,985 motorcyclists were killed in traffic accidents, and speeding drivers pose one of the greatest risks to motorcycle riders.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, you want the other driver to take responsibility for their actions. Not all drivers are willing to own up to their negligent behavior, though. Sometimes it takes the dedication of an experienced attorney to hold drivers accountable and get motorcyclists the compensation they deserve after an accident.

At OnderLaw, we know that you are injured and are feeling the pressure of medical bills piling up. Our St. Louis motorcycle speeding accident lawyers will work tirelessly to get you the money you need to rebuild your life. Contact OnderLaw for the legal counsel you need during this uncertain time.

Risks of Speeding

Speeding is never appropriate driving behavior. We all have places we need to be, deadlines to keep, and fast-paced lives to lead, but speeding has significant and far-reaching consequences, especially for motorcyclists. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that for more than two decades, speeding has been the cause of almost one-third of all vehicle fatalities. In 2018, speeding killed 9,378 motorists.

Since motorcyclists don’t have the extra protection of thick metal doors and airbags, any accident involving a car versus a motorcyclist can end with serious and life-threatening injuries to the rider.

Speeding cars pose a significant risk to motorcycle riders in particular because excessive speed may impair a driver’s ability to see and react to motorcycle riders on the road. Riders can be harder to see than other cars, and when a driver is engaging in already risky behavior, like speeding, they may fail to see a rider in their rush to get where they are going.

There are a number of serious consequences that can result from speeding. When a driver speeds, it can:

  • Increase their ability to lose control of a vehicle
  • Increase the stopping distance needed after a driver notices a rider
  • Increase the severity of any resulting crash

Speeding is not only illegal; it is a form of aggressive driving. A driver may choose to engage in this type of behavior for any number of reasons, but that doesn’t mean those reasons justify the behavior. Speeders are endangering themselves, but most especially others, including motorcyclists.

These are some of the most common reasons given for speeding:

  • Running late
  • Trying to avoid traffic congestion
  • Thrill-seeking behavior
  • Road rage
  • Familiarity with the driving route
  • Overconfidence in driving ability
  • Impaired judgment from drugs or alcohol

No matter the reason, when speeding causes a serious accident, the consequences can be disastrous. Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to these life-threatening consequences. You didn’t plan for your life to change so suddenly and completely following an accident. That’s why drivers who engage in this dangerous behavior need to be held responsible for their actions. An experienced legal team can hold the at-fault party accountable and get you the compensation you deserve.

Common Injuries Associated with Speeding Accidents

With little more than a helmet and their own clothes to protect them, riders can face catastrophic injuries when a speeding car weighing in excess of 3,000 pounds collides with them. These injuries may mean months and even years of healing time and therapy in order to recover. In some cases, the rider may never physically be the same again.

While a victim’s main concern should always be focused on the healing process, many times, they are forced to focus on the possibility of not being able to pay for their staggering medical bills following an accident. These are just a few of the serious injuries that a rider may have to contend with following an accident:

Injuries such as these may require lengthy hospital stays and even lengthier courses of follow-up treatment and rehabilitation. Occupational and physical therapy are sometimes necessary in order for a victim to regain movement and control of their own bodies. In severe cases, a victim’s home may even need to be modified in order to accommodate accessibility issues.

These factors, in addition to the time missed from work, may mean that victims are putting their livelihood and financial stability at risk because of a speeding driver’s reckless behavior. At OnderLaw, we don’t want to see your health or recovery put at risk. That’s why we fight to get you the compensation you deserve following a serious accident.

Compensation for a Motorcycle Accident

There is no one-size-fits-all settlement when it comes to cases involving motorcyclists and speeding cars. Every case has its own set of circumstances that make it unique in the eyes of the court. An experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to investigate the accident, gather all the facts, and help determine your appropriate compensation. There are a wide variety of factors that can come into play following an accident with a speeding car, and the right attorney can give you the guidance and legal advice you need to support you and pursue fair compensation.

There are other legal factors that may impact compensation after an accident, as well. The state of Missouri is what is known as a “pure comparative fault” state when it comes to awarding damages in car accident cases. What that boils down to is that following an accident, the amount of damages you may receive is reduced by the same percentage as your level of fault for the accident.

As an example, if you were involved in an accident with a speeding car and a jury determined that you were 10 percent at fault for causing the accident, you would be awarded damages minus 10 percent. In a pure comparative fault state like Missouri, it doesn’t matter what percentage at fault you are for an accident – as long as the other party shares responsibility, you will still be able to recover some amount of money for damages.

If a jury finds you 90 percent at fault for an accident, you would still be entitled to receive 10 percent of the total damages. Just for reference, however, that would mean that you are still on the hook for 90 percent of the other driver’s damages, as well.

While the circumstances of your accident help determine the amount of damages you can receive, here are some of the more common types of compensation you may be entitled to:

  • Medical bills
  • Future medical or rehabilitation costs
  • Lost wages
  • Wages lost as a result of diminished earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering

While these are the most common forms of compensation, they may not be the only forms of compensation you may be able to recover. A knowledgeable attorney will be able to review the facts of your case and give you a better picture of what to expect for compensation. That is why it is so important to get legal representation on your side. Instead of accepting a lowball offer from a reckless driver’s insurance company, the team at OnderLaw can fight to get you the compensation you need and deserve.

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A negligent driver typically does not want to admit wrongdoing or that they were negligent in any way. They may turn what should be a simple claim into a battleground. If you or a loved one have been seriously injured in an accident with a speeding car, you need to get the law on your side. At OnderLaw, our goal is to protect your rights and work to get you the compensation you deserve. You don’t want to bet your financial stability on a negligent driver and their insurance company.

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