Did someone else’s negligent actions cause you or a loved one to suffer a spinal cord injury? Are you overwhelmed by crippling medical bills resulting from this catastrophic event? Are you confused while trying to figure out how you will ever get on with your life? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be entitled to substantial compensation, and you should contact a knowledgeable catastrophic injury attorney.

When actions by reckless individuals and companies cause spinal cord injuries, victims are often owed hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. However, victims often find it impossible to figure out how to file a spinal cord injury claim or even know how to begin if they try to handle this tragedy on their own.

If you are suffering from a spinal cord injury because of someone else’s negligence, you don’t have to face this traumatizing event all alone. An experienced St. Louis spinal cord injury lawyer at OnderLaw is here to stand by your side and help you fight for your rights and maximum compensation.

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Do I Need a Lawyer to Handle My Spinal Cord Injury Lawsuit?

Trying to file a spinal cord injury claim when you already have to do everything you can to deal with your injuries is overwhelming. Handling medical appointments and procedures is time-consuming enough without having to worry about the piles of paperwork needed to file a lawsuit. A knowledgeable St. Louis spinal injury attorney can help ease this burden by handling some of the most cumbersome details of a spinal injury claim on your behalf.

A skilled spinal cord injury lawyer can answer any questions pertaining to your case, evaluate your situation, and help you understand your legal options. If you decide to work together, the lawyer can launch a full investigation to determine all the parties who might be liable for your injuries and gather the evidence to prove what responsibility each party holds for the incident. They can also work with professionals, such as medical experts and accident recreation specialists, who can testify to help support your case.

Your attorney can use these details, in addition to their experience from other cases they’ve handled and verdicts from similar circumstances, to help determine how much compensation you might be able to get if you file a lawsuit. They can also work with you to help you decide if pursuing a lawsuit is the right option for you. Your attorney will walk you through other legal options, such as settling out of court and negotiate on your behalf with the insurance and legal representatives for the person or company that caused your injuries.

If the other party won’t agree to a fair settlement that satisfactorily covers the enormous damages from your spinal cord injury, then your attorney can help you file a personal injury lawsuit to pursue maximum compensation. They’ll make sure you meet all the deadlines required in this type of legal action, help you fill out all of the required paperwork thoroughly and convincingly, and fight for you in court for your legal rights and the top compensation you’re owed.

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Why Should I Work With the Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers at OnderLaw?

When you’re dealing with something as catastrophic as a spinal cord injury, you need top-quality legal representation on your side. With OnderLaw, you can trust that outstanding legal professionals have your back. Our spinal cord injury lawyers have been recognized as some of the best lawyers in the country, plus we have helped clients win millions of dollars for their injuries caused by others’ recklessness.

At OnderLaw, our dedicated St. Louis spinal cord injury lawyers will do everything we can to fight for your legal rights and maximum compensation. Beyond using their industry-leading legal skills to tackle your case, our compassionate attorneys will treat you with the respect and personal attention you deserve.

If you or a loved one have suffered from a spinal cord injury caused by someone else’s negligence, you want the best possible legal team fighting for the compensation you’re owed. Don’t wait a moment longer. Contact the diligent spinal cord injury attorneys at OnderLaw and get on the road to recovery. Call us today or reach us online to schedule your complimentary consultation.

At OnderLaw,our skilled spinal cord injury lawyers will do everything we can to fight for your legal rights and maximum compensation. Beyond using their industry-leading legal skills to tackle your case, our compassionate attorneys will treat you with the respect and personal attention you deserve.

What Types of Spinal Cord Injury Cases Does OnderLaw Handle?

The St. Louis spinal cord injury attorneys at OnderLaw have the top legal experience to handle a wide variety of cases. Some of the spinal cord injury cases we see most often are typically caused by incidents like:

  • Violent acts, such as assault, knife attacks, gunshots, military combat, explosions, or other forceful encounters
  • Motor vehicle accidents, such as car wrecks, motorcycle crashes, and truck accidents
  • Collisions in high-impact sports like football, diving, or hockey
  • Falls from tall surfaces or falls by people who are elderly or have conditions like joint disorders or osteoporosis
  • Mistakes by medical professionals during surgeries or other procedures
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Who is Liable in a Spinal Cord Injury Claim?

Depending on the details of an accident, multiple different parties might hold some responsibility in events that result in spinal cord injuries. For example, if the injury was caused by a crash with an 18-wheeler truck, several parties might be liable in addition to the truck driver. The truck’s owner, the driver’s employer, or the truck’s manufacturer might hold some responsibility, along with the people who loaded the truck’s cargo or the mechanic who maintained the truck.

If the crash happened when the trucker was drunk, the bartender who overserved the driver might be partially liable, while a government entity might hold some responsibility if a dangerous road condition contributed to the crash.

What Are Some Common Types of Spinal Cord Injuries?

Spinal cord injuries might be minor and cause temporary issues, while more severe injuries can lead to lifelong disabilities or even death. Some common types of spinal cord injuries include:

  • Partial or Complete Paralysis
  • Compression or axial burst vertebrae injuries, where the vertebra is compressed horizontally or vertically
  • Rotation fractures, where vertebrae are bent or supporting ligaments are torn
  • Extension vertebrae fractures, where the vertebra is pulled apart
  • Severing of the spinal cord

These types of injuries can have multiple complications and lead to long-term problems. Some symptoms of spinal cord injuries include pain, fever, numbness or weakness of extremities, or loss of control over bodily functions. These types of injuries might also impact a victim’s breathing, heartbeat, or organ function and can cause victims to develop blood clots, experience strokes or seizures, or lose their reproductive and sexual abilities. Victims also suffer emotional impacts from spinal cord injuries, such as depression and PTSD.

What is the Cost of a Spinal Cord Injury Attorney?

Spinal cord injuries are significant, and the medical costs associated with treating these types of injuries today and into the future can be enormous. The sheer gravity of the physical and financial implications of a spinal cord injury can take a serious toll on a victim. That is why, regrettably, many victims of spinal cord injuries mistakenly believe that hiring an attorney to fight for them is out of their financial reach.

At OnderLaw, we don’t want the cost of an attorney to be an obstacle to justice or full and fair compensation for your injury. That is why we begin by offering a free, no-obligation legal consultation to help get you started. We can discuss your case and the ways we may be able to help you recover compensation for your spinal cord injury.

If we can help you and take on your case, we will work on a contingency-fee-basis. This means that you don’t owe us anything upfront. We get paid when you get paid compensation for your injury. This helps relieve some of the financial pressure that victims may feel that keeps them from talking to an attorney in the first place.

If you are recovering from a spinal cord accident, consider contacting the legal team at OnderLaw to talk about ways we can help you get the money you deserve. Money should not be the one thing standing between you and justice. You deserve skilled legal representation no matter what your situation may be. That’s where the team of St. Louis spinal cord injury attorneys at OnderLaw comes in.

If you are curious about your legal options following a spinal cord injury accident, call us. Let’s talk about the ways we can help you resolve your claim.

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How Much Time Do I Have to File a Spinal Cord Injury Lawsuit?

Victims sometimes miss important deadlines for filing spinal cord claims because they are focused on recovering from their injuries. One of these critical deadlines is Missouri’s “statute of limitations” rule. Under this law, victims only have a limited amount of time after an accident to file a lawsuit. In the case of spinal cord injuries, this timeline is typically five years. After this deadline has passed, victims usually cannot sue no matter how severe their injuries are.

However, this law has multiple confusing exceptions that make it difficult to know which timeline applies to your circumstances. For example, if the spinal injury was caused by a medical error, you usually only have two years from the date of the error to file a claim, but if the injury doesn’t become obvious until much later, you might have up to ten years to sue. A skilled spinal cord injury attorney in St. Louis an help determine which timelines apply to your specific case. They can also help keep track of these deadlines and help ensure all necessary paperwork is filed in time.

What Kind of Compensation is Available in Spinal Cord Injury Cases?

Recovering from spinal cord injuries is often an expensive process that involves multiple medical tests and scans, surgeries, rehabilitation, and other therapies. In some cases, these injuries result in permanent damages that force victims to use high-priced caregivers to take care of their basic needs or rely on costly disability devices, such as wheelchairs.

Courts sometimes award spinal cord injury victims millions of dollars to cover damages because the costs from these injuries are so high, although the specific amount you might be able to recover will depend on the details of your case. While spinal cord injuries are so devastating that it might not be possible to fully recover from this catastrophic injury, compensation in these types of cases often helps cover things like:

  • Current and future medical expenses for things like doctor appointments, therapies, surgeries, and medications
  • Disability accommodations
  • Pain and suffering
  • Wages lost during recovery or reduced ability to earn comparable income because of the injury
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of companionship or loss of consortium

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Every case is unique, so giving a time frame without knowing the details of the case is always ill-advised. Car accident claims may be resolved more quickly than medical malpractice claims. Time frames can depend on a wide variety of circumstances. Some firms may quote quick time frames for resolutions to get a victim in the door because no victim wants to think that their case is going to take months to be over. However, spinal cord injury cases can be extremely detailed and complicated.

At OnderLaw, LLC , we focus on transparency and results. Until we review your case, we don’t know how long it may take to resolve. It could be a matter of weeks, or it could be a matter of months. What we can tell you is that we will thoroughly review your individual situation. With the details of your case in hand, we can give you a realistic outline of when you can expect an end result.

We keep the lines of communication open and will guide you through the entire process, so you always know where we, and you, stand in relation to your case. At OnderLaw, LLC , we focus on an honest and open approach.

A: Often, the value of a spinal cord injury case depends on the severity of the injury. Compensation may be higher in cases where there is partial or complete paralysis. This is partly because the costs associated with current and future medical care and treatment for these conditions are high, and there can be a significant loss of income and earning capacity. These are all considered economic damages.

However, the higher value of these cases is also partly due to the fact that the quality of life for a spinal cord injury victim dramatically changes. Pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment, and emotional distress may factor into the value of a spinal cord injury claim. These factors are called non-economic damages and may be more difficult to calculate.

The value of a spinal cord injury claim may further depend on how the injury occurred. Car accident payouts may differ from workers’ compensation payouts. The same is true for medical malpractice claims. In Missouri, state law now places caps on medical malpractice claims. That means that there are limits to the amount of compensation that a victim may be able to recover if they file a successful medical malpractice claim.

With such a wide variety of factors playing into the value of a spinal cord injury case, the best way to determine what your case is worth is to contact an experienced spinal cord injury attorney. An attorney can review the specifics of your case and give you a reasonable estimate of what your case may be worth. We even offer a free consultation to help get you started.

A: The state of Missouri follows what is known as the “pure comparative fault” model when determining how compensation is to be allocated in many accident situations. This model stipulates that victims involved in accidents can recover compensation for their injuries in proportion to the amount of liability they have for causing an accident. So, in theory, if a victim were partially liable 20 percent responsible for causing an accident, they would be entitled to the total amount of compensation awarded minus 20 percent. If damages were $100,000, they could collect $80,000.

This regulation governs many personal injury claims, such as slip and fall accidents or car crashes. Different situations may be governed by different rules. In many circumstances, you may still be able to collect compensation, even if your actions played a role in causing the accident.