Simi Valley’s Proactive Approach to Traffic Safety: A Step in the Right Direction

Traffic safety has always been a concern for many cities around the world, and the City of Simi Valley is no exception. But, the recent unanimous approval by the City Council to bolster the police motor traffic unit is a laudable move that showcases the city’s commitment to proactively address speeding and traffic violations – a concern that’s been growing among its residents.

Understanding the Move

Simi Valley has identified the importance of motorcycle officers when it comes to patrolling and ensuring traffic safety. With the new allocation, the city will not only acquire three new BMW police motorcycles but will also focus on the necessary training and the right gear for its officers. This move is significant as Cmdr. Ritchie Lew of the Simi Valley Police Department Traffic Bureau pointed out that visible enforcement has been proven to reduce traffic fatalities and accidents.

Effectiveness of Motorcycle Patrol

Statistics provide a clear picture of the effectiveness of motorcycle officers. Back in 2015, when Simi Valley boasted five motor officers, they issued an impressive total of 3,092 citations. Fast forward to 2022, with just one motor officer, the number dramatically dropped to 586. Sgt. Josh McCalister emphasized how even the mere presence of motorcycle officers deters unsafe driving. He explained that because locals know where officers typically sit, they tend to self-regulate and change their driving behavior.

Moreover, the agility and quick maneuverability of motorcycles make them ideal for effective traffic enforcement. But beyond just issuing citations, these officers play a vital role in collaborating with city traffic engineers, identifying potential road improvements to further enhance safety.

Safety First

The city’s approach to safety is two-fold. On one hand, it’s about the safety of its residents. On the other, it’s about ensuring the safety of the officers themselves. SVPD Chief Steve Shorts has emphasized that the revamped motorcycle program will train officers not just in safeguarding the public, but also in ensuring their own safety. The focus isn’t on high-speed chases, but on meaningful work that promotes a safe traffic environment.

Community Engagement and Feedback

The response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive. Simi Valley resident John Lapper’s advocacy for additional motorcycle traffic officers has finally come to fruition, and he, like many others, recognizes the numerous benefits, especially when it comes to the safety of children around school areas.

Resident Edgar Garibay’s concerning experience with a motorcyclist speeding by him and his son just a few feet away underlines the need for consistent patrol. Mayor Fred Thomas too echoed the sentiment, expressing concerns about speeding and red light violations and emphasizing ongoing efforts to strengthen traffic patrol.

At OnderLaw, we understand the implications of traffic violations firsthand. We’ve seen the devastation that accidents can bring to individuals and their families. As personal injury advocates, we commend the proactive approach of Simi Valley in not just identifying a growing concern but taking tangible steps to address it. We believe that with the city’s continued efforts and the community’s support, Simi Valley is on the right path to creating safer streets for all its residents. If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident, contact us today for your free, no-obligation consultation.

Stay safe, drive responsibly, and let’s work together for safer communities.