Processing the death of a loved one in any situation is one of the most difficult things that we can do. There are floods of happy memories mixed with the sad reality of their absence. When their death occurred because of someone else’s poor choices, the grief is even worse.

If you are suffering because of the wrongful death of a loved one, you may be entitled to compensation for your pain. The San Diego personal injury lawyers of OnderLaw can help.

You are going through an extremely difficult time in your life, and there is a whirlwind of emotions, paperwork, and timelines. None of this is fair, and if you miss even one detail in the paperwork, it could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. There is no way to replace what was lost. But having a trusted lawyer by your side will make a big difference in resolving at least some of the issues that have intruded upon your life.

Your lawyer will walk you through the claims and lawsuit process every step of the way from the moment they answer the phone to the day you sign off on your settlement. They will keep you informed of your rights and help ensure that your family’s future is secure after this horrific experience.

Your grief and fear are completely valid, and it would be tragic to allow this situation to take anything else from your family. Every moment you wait before calling a lawyer creates a bigger opportunity for your claim to be discounted or even denied. Do not allow that to happen. Call the caring, committed, and tenacious legal professionals at our firm today.

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Do I Need a Wrongful Death Attorney?

Unexpected death is a deeply personal issue. It requires a significant amount of emotional strength to simply function day-to-day. As personal as it is, it is completely fair to want to keep it to yourself without involving anyone outside your family to help take care of all of the financial matters that come before your healing.

We respect the spirit of keeping everything in the family, but it could be a very costly choice. When dealing with wrongful death and holding those responsible accountable, there are specific steps, filings, and details that will make or break your case. You should not have to deal with all the stress of keeping those things in order. You need to be focusing on healing with your family and dealing with your new normal.

Handing over those external stresses to a highly skilled and experienced lawyer will have a significant impact in finding your way forward. Your lawyer will address every detail, assemble everyone who was involved, help you track every piece of important documentation, and fight for everything your case is worth.

There is no question that unexpected personal loss is an intimate and painful experience, but the best way to move towards getting back to being okay is to pass the burden of dealing with all of the paperwork to a seasoned lawyer so you can do the real heavy lifting of recovering.

Why OnderLaw?

We understand that there are scores of law firms to choose from, but none of them will take care of you better than we do. Most firms see you as just another case, and once the process is over, so is your connection.

That is not how we work. For close to twenty years, our firm has put relationships first. They are the lifeblood of our operation and the cornerstone of our success. We are nothing without the clients we serve, and when you work with us, you are family. Many say that, but we mean it.

Before we get into any other matters, initial conversations targeted at getting to know you on a personal level come first. We establish free-flowing lines of communication and absorb every ounce of your story and who you and your family are. We have a long history of serving people during situations like yours, and our first focus is to hear you so that we can forge a deep connection of trust and empathy.

That connection gives us the advantage we need to dig that much deeper when it comes to defending your family. It becomes more than just a client-attorney relationship; we fight for you as if you were our family members.

Our firm makes sure that you and your family are heard, and our award-winning staff has secured over $3 billion for our clients over the life of our firm. And we are just getting started. Trusting us will be the best choice you can make.

Wrongful Death Cases We Handle

Unfortunately, wrongful death happens more often than we would like. Over the years, we have gained a tremendous amount of experience dealing with cases that involve:

  • Defective drugs
  • Medical malpractice
  • Defective medical devices
  • Faulty products
  • Work accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Bike accidents
  • Automobile accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Aircraft accidents
  • Residential and non-residential structural fires

What Kinds of Compensation Can I Qualify For?

Compensation may be available for several different types of losses. The damages you have suffered are classified as either economic or non-economic.

Economic damages are damages that have directly impacted your finances. These include:

  • Memorial services
  • Burial costs
  • Medical bills from the accident
  • Any costs related to emotional support or psychological therapies
  • Property damage costs
  • Lost wages from missed work
  • Lost future earning ability

The best way to document these losses is to make sure you have copies of all your expenses and receipts. You’ll want to keep copies of your burial/memorial cost receipts. For medical expenses, get copies of medical records, medical bills, appointment dates, and anything else that documents how much money was paid for treatment.

For lost work, have copies of check stubs, documented days that you missed, and anything else that can show wages lost/potentially lost due to the accident. For property damage, get estimates from repair shops or documentation of value for the cost of replacements.

Non-economic damages are damages that are often referred to as “pain and suffering.” These include:

  • Mental stress
  • Emotional trauma
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of emotional support from your partner

Documenting the non-economic damages is challenging because no actual dollar value is attached to the loss. Even though there is no tangible way to measure what was lost, these damages are worthy of honor and compensation.

It may be useful to document the impact the loss of your loved one has had on your daily life by keeping a journal. When you note the various impacts of your loss on your life, you are creating a document that may have value for the jury should we need to take your case to court. Your journal can shows exactly how this wrongful death has affected you and your family.

Who Can Qualify for Compensation?

California law states that only specific people may bring a wrongful death lawsuit. Those people must have been in one of these relationships with the deceased:

  • Spouse or domestic partner
  • Children
  • Siblings
  • Parents
  • Putative spouse*
  • Step-children*

* Must prove financial dependence

If there are any other unique circumstances, we are happy to talk with you about them and how they would affect a wrongful death suit.

Are There Any Important Timelines?

There is no time to waste in dealing with your case. Every second that you wait, potential compensation is at risk. The sooner you call a lawyer, the better. The state of California has a statute of limitations of two years. That means you have two years from the date of the death of your loved one to file a claim.

That sounds like you have plenty of time to take care of business, but the longer that you wait, the more time those responsible have to deny or dismiss your claim. Additionally, over time evidence may be lost, or witnesses may forget the true version of events. Two years will speed by. Help yourself by engaging OnderLaw now so they can help you with the insurance claim and then prepare for trial if necessary.

By the Numbers

Data points across the country, state, and city show ample evidence wrongful death occurs far more often than it should. Within the last five years:

  • In 2016, Johns Hopkins University reported over 250,000 people died from medical malpractice
  •  In 2019, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 5,333 work-related deaths
  • In 2019, OSHA reported that 451 people were killed on the job in California
  • A San Diego County medical examiner report showed that there were 857 accidental deaths from January through June of 202, a 2% increase over 2019.

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You are suffering unimaginable pain, and it was not your fault. Do not allow those who are responsible for putting you and your family in this position take anything else away from you. The legal team at OnderLaw has been pursuing compensation for the victims of wrongful death and their families for a long time. We care about you and want to make sure that you and your family get what you deserve. Our staff is ready the moment you are to take on your case and get you back onto the road to recovery. There is no time to lose. Call us today or contact us online.