Safety In Jeopardy: Prioritizing Larger Cars over Street Safety

The roads of the United States are witnessing a disturbing surge in deadly traffic incidents, and the blame lies on one culprit: ever-larger cars and trucks that dominate our streets. As a leading personal injury law firm, we are deeply concerned about the rising risks pedestrians face due to the negligence of car manufacturers. Oversized SUVs and trucks pose severe hazards to vulnerable road users, leading to devastating accidents. It’s time for communities to unite and fight back against this car safety crisis, holding manufacturers accountable for their actions.

The Dangerous Impact of Car Bloat

The data speaks for itself—cars and trucks sold in the U.S. have grown exponentially larger since 2008. Lax regulations have allowed automakers to prioritize profits over safety, leading to the proliferation of dangerous large vehicles. This shift has resulted in severe injuries and fatalities, particularly among pedestrians who are at higher risk of being struck at dangerous points on these towering vehicles. The lack of federal regulations addressing pedestrian safety is a clear sign of manufacturers’ negligence.

Fighting for Safer Streets

We firmly believe that it’s time for communities to take matters into their own hands. Local action can play a crucial role in challenging the status quo and demanding safer streets for all road users. As an experienced personal injury law firm, we stand ready to support and advocate for victims affected by these preventable accidents.

Making a Difference Locally

With a strategic approach to local action, communities can demand safer streets. Together we can encourage cities and towns to implement the following measures:

  1. Prioritized Parking: Advocate for designated parking spaces for smaller, safer vehicles closer to stores and public places.
  2. Vehicle Access Restrictions: Push for traffic control measures, like bollards and removable posts, to limit oversized vehicle access in pedestrian-dense areas.
  3. Traffic Calming: Advocate for traffic calming measures to reduce speed and prioritize pedestrian safety.
  4. Safe Zones: Rally for restrictions on vehicle access around schools and busy commercial districts to safeguard pedestrians.


At OnderLaw, our mission is to fight for justice and advocate for the rights of those affected by negligence. The car safety crisis requires immediate action, and we are prepared to be at the forefront of this battle. Together with communities nationwide, we will seek accountability from car manufacturers, demanding safer streets for all. If you or a loved one have been impacted by these preventable accidents, don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team. Let’s stand united to protect the most vulnerable road users and drive change for a safer, more secure future.