When you are in your home, you want to believe you and your loved ones are safe. Unfortunately, the reality is that everyday items in your home can be a danger to your family. Window blind cord strangulation is one of the foremost causes of child injuries and fatalities. The hazards associated with corded window blinds are well documented, and the introduction of cordless window coverings years ago should have made them obsolete.

The tragic truth is that corded window blinds remain a dangerous reality for households across the country. It is important to take time to understand window blind cord strangulation and prevention tips for consumers that could help reduce the risk of hazards for the children in your home.

Steps You Can Take to Keep Your Family Safe

One of the most important steps to move the needle for window blind companies and consumers is to take legal action after a strangulation incident, not only to prevent other families from facing the same devastating outcome, but to show that there is a real financial impact for their failure to take decisive preventative steps to safeguard consumers.

One of the most important steps you can take in your home to protect children from the dangers posed by these window coverings and prevent strangulation incidents is to replace any corded blinds in your home. Replacing corded window coverings with drapes, curtains, or cordless blinds are all possible alternatives. Retrofit kits can provide a temporary solution to immediately address the hazards of corded window blinds, but full replacement is the best option.

Cribs or furniture your child could climb should be moved well away from windows. If you are not yet able to replace all the corded blinds in your home, remove and replace the window coverings in the rooms your children spend the most time in and ensure any remaining cords are well out of reach.

Improving Window Blind Safety for All

We will not stop until corded window coverings are completely removed from the market so that no family must ever again grapple with the grief and anguish that comes from seeing a child injured or killed in a strangulation incident. Our firm has played a major role in the changes that have occurred in the window blind industry to date, including in partnership with Parents for Window Blind Safety, which was founded by the client we represented in our very first window blind case.

If your child has been injured in a strangulation incident, you can seek compensation for their pain, suffering, medical bills, and even losses like diminished future earning ability. If you are one of many aggrieved families who have lost a child in a strangulation incident, you deserve rightful compensation for your emotional anguish, lost companionship, and other damages stemming from the terrible ordeal your family has gone through. Contact an experienced attorney today.

Work With the Nation’s Leading Window Blind Cord Strangulation Attorney

The attorneys at OnderLaw spearhead more window blind cord wrongful death cases than any other firm in the nation. Lawyers around the nation turn to Jim Onder and our team for our expertise and experience with these cases. Establishing better window blind cord strangulation prevention tips for consumers is not enough.

If you have experienced the unimaginable injury or loss of a child from window blind cord strangulation, our lawyers can stand by your side. We will fight to hold the manufacturer and any other related entity legally liable for your losses and damages. Call now to speak with a compassionate attorney in a confidential legal consultation and discuss your legal options.