Window blinds are a staple in millions of homes across the country. Unfortunately, far too many families are unaware of the potential dangers these consumer products can pose until a terrible incident occurs. Corded window blinds have been linked to thousands of cases of adverse harm to children throughout the years. Still, changes to safety standards and real action by window blind manufacturers have progressed slowly.

Window blind cord lawsuits can serve as a vehicle to recover any and all compensation you and your family may be owed for what has happened, as well as to hold manufacturers legally responsible for putting defective products on the market. Our experienced attorneys at OnderLaw can stand by your side every step of the way while navigating the complexities that these claims present so you can focus on your family and healing journey.

OnderLaw’s History with Window Blind Cord Litigation

In 2002, Linda Kaiser, a heartbroken mother, faced an unimaginable loss when her daughter Cheyenne lost her life in a window blind cord accident. Jim Onder stood by Linda and her husband, Matt, and together they took on some of the largest corporations in the world—and won.

Our commitment did not end with one lawsuit. Word got out about the Kaiser’s bravery and our willingness to take on one of the largest, most dangerous, unregulated industries in the world.

But our journey didn’t end there. As one family’s pain gave way to others, more parents emerged with their stories of loss and injury due to window covering accidents. Their initial self-blame shifted to a realization that their trust in what they thought were safe products was misplaced. They had assumed regulatory agencies would protect them, but they discovered that collective action was needed to hold manufacturers and retailers accountable.

In the pursuit of justice, Linda and Matt Kaiser started an organization called Parents for Window Covering Safety, an organization we continue to partner with and wholeheartedly support. Together, we’ve been a driving force in compelling changes within the window covering industry, making blinds safer for countless children and families. OnderLaw remains unwavering in our commitment to holding individuals and corporations accountable when others hesitate. Brave parents and families continue to stand with us to make a powerful impact on an industry that has, for far too long, put our most vulnerable lives in danger.

Hazards and Injuries Caused by Window Blind Cords

Cordless window blinds have been in production for decades, but despite recalls, admonitions by lawmakers, and hollow industry proclamations, many manufacturers continue to make and sell corded products. The potential dangers posed to children by corded window blinds—particularly to children eight years of age and younger—are well-established. Some of the most commonly reported incidents involve young children becoming tangled in the looped pull cord or inner cords frequently associated with these window blinds.

When this happens, the risk of a strangulation incident can be extremely high. Even seconds of oxygen deprivation can put a young child’s life in peril. The brains and bodies of young children are not equipped to handle the same environmental hazards as those of older children or adults. As a result, if a child is caught up in a corded window covering, it is not long before asphyxiation, brain damage, and even death can occur.

If your family has been affected by a window blind cord incident that has resulted in dangerous or fatal harm to your child, we want to help. We will walk with you every step of the way to not only hold responsible corporations accountable in a lawsuit, but also to create meaningful change.

Filing a Window Blind Cord Lawsuit

Many companies, as well as the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, have issued recalls of corded window blinds over the years. While numerous standards have been published by the CPSC and other related agencies, and steps have been taken to reduce the outflow of corded window coverings to the market—these actions have not been sufficient to prevent devastating accidents and injuries.

Far too many manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and other entities have failed to take the action necessary to keep consumers safe from dangerous or defective corded window blinds or to adequately inform them of the risks and hazards involved. If your child has been harmed or killed by a dangerous product, like a corded window covering, you may have legal grounds to file a lawsuit for monetary damages.

Financial recovery in a window blind cord lawsuit can include the cost of medical bills, pain and suffering, wrongful death damages, punitive damages, and more. Our OnderLaw team of window blind attorneys can help you take the necessary steps to file a lawsuit and seek justice for your family. Legal action can also serve as a deterrent for other members of the window blind industry and a sign to regulators of the change that is still needed.

Get More Information About Filing a Window Blind Cord Lawsuit from a Trusted Attorney

If your child has been injured by a window blind cord, or you have suffered the unimaginable loss of your child due to an incident involving a window covering cord—you are not alone. Our committed lawyers at OnderLaw advocate for your rights and work tirelessly to seek maximum financial recovery for what your family has endured.

We understand that, when a child is senselessly injured or loses their life in these preventable accidents, it’s about more than money. Lawsuits create change. We are passionately dedicated to forcing corporations that profit from dangerous window blinds to create safe products. No other family should have to go through the pain that you have endured, and together we can save lives.

Window blind cord lawsuits require extensive legal knowledge and evidence to pursue a successful outcome, and the path forward for each case will depend on the unique facts and circumstances involved. There is never an out-of-pocket cost to talk to one of our experienced window blind attorneys, or to retain us as legal representation. We want to fight with you to stop window blind strangulation deaths. Please call us for a confidential, no-obligation consultation.