The state of window blind cord laws and regulations has shifted at a snail’s pace through the years compared to the government-mandated requirements attached to other consumer products. The window blind industry has long been aware of the potential hazards—and the far too many cases of child injuries and deaths—connected with corded window blinds.

The failure of federal standards to adequately address these issues through the years, combined with the lack of action on the part of many window blind manufacturers to make simple but meaningful changes to the designs of these products, has allowed these hazards and the damage they inflict to households around the country to persist.

If you have suffered the devastating blow of a child injured or killed because of window blind cord strangulation, our compassionate attorneys can help. You deserve to have an unwavering legal advocate on your side who can help you pursue full and fair compensation from any and all liable parties involved. Let our dedicated team at OnderLaw help you pursue the justice you deserve.

OnderLaw & Window Cord Regulations

OnderLaw has been at the forefront of driving significant changes in window blind cord regulations. Together with Parents for Window Blind Safety, which was founded by our first window blind client, we have been instrumental in pushing for reform in the window blind industry.

Since our entrance into window blind litigation, our firm has advocated for parents nationwide in legal actions against window blind manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Attorneys across the nation actively seek the expertise of Jim Onder and OnderLaw in these cases. Our team has managed and continues to handle a greater number of wrongful death claims related to window blinds than any other law firm in the country.

OnderLaw is dedicated to eliminating corded window covering products in the United States. We hold a steadfast belief that removing cords is vital to safeguard our children. We’ve dedicated our time and resources to travel across the nation, collecting documents, gathering testimonies, and crafting 3-D computer-generated models to effectively illustrate window blind hazards to juries.

Overview of Window Blind Cord Laws and Regulations

Given the potential risks that window blind cords can present, particularly to young children, you may wonder how so many of these products are still widely available to consumers. Inner cords, pull cords, looped pull cords, and even corded blinds equipped with a cord connector contain many hazards for a young child.

Multiple studies as well as reported incidents of injuries and death resulting from corded window blinds have led to calls for change over the years from consumers. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has taken several steps in recent years to limit the distribution of corded window blinds to consumers. The agency has also issued recalls of certain products from some manufacturers, while several window blind companies have issued their own recalls and even retrofit kits.

However, the stark reality is that while progress has been made, far too many families are still grappling with the harm imposed by the corded window coverings that have continued to flood the market. There are also reports of hazards resulting from the retrofit kits designed to help correct the initial danger or defect. These terrible stories of children being injured or killed in strangulation incidents can often be traced back to a lack of action on the part of the window blind company—whether due to their failure to correct a defective or dangerous product design or inform consumers about the risk and dangers attached to their product.

Another issue that has continued to give rise to child injuries and death from window blind cords is that many regulations published by relevant agencies, like the CPSC, have been voluntary. Members of the window blind industry have also frequently contested proposed changes from the CPSC through lawsuits, further slowing progress toward safer window blind products.

Window Blind Cord Injuries and Damages

If a child gets tangled up in a window blind cord, mere seconds can alter the reality of their future, and their life can hang in the balance. Oxygen deprivation from a window blind cord can lead to long-term and irreversible brain damage. In some cases, the outcome of a child becoming entangled in a window blind cord can be a tragic fatality.

These accidents can (and do) happen in just seconds. Even the most attentive parents cannot watch their children every moment of the day. Most parents are not aware of these hidden dangers. That’s why the burden must fall on the manufacturers to create safe products free from these deadly risks.

There is no amount of compensation that can make your family whole if your child has been injured or has lost their life because of a dangerous or defective window covering. When it comes to fighting for meaningful change to existing window blind cord laws and regulations and seeing that companies in this industry are held legally accountable, the attorneys at OnderLaw will work unflaggingly on behalf of your family while seeking all available compensation.

Recoverable damages can include the cost of:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Lost life enjoyment
  • Pain and suffering
  • Other monetary and non-monetary losses your family has faced due to your child’s corded window blind incident

Every case matters, and no family should be left to contend with the ramifications of the flagrant disregard for human safety that is still rampant in the window-covering industry.

Contact a Window Blind Cord Injury Attorney Today

While there has been progress on the front of window blind cord laws and regulations—with our very own Jim Onder leading the charge—the fact remains that millions of potentially hazardous products continue to be manufactured and distributed to consumers around the country.

When a company’s product is inherently defective—whether due to its design or the company’s failure to properly warn of the risks and uses associated with the product—a consumer can sue to recover the value of their personal and financial losses arising from any injuries. In the case of window blinds, it’s not about the dollar amount so much as it’s about making companies pay attention to the harm they’re doing and change the way they do business.

If you are interested in filing a window blind cord injury lawsuit, do not hesitate to reach out to OnderLaw. One of our trusted attorneys can review your prospective case and make sure no stone is left unturned to identify any potential route to holding the responsible parties accountable for the harm inflicted on your child and your family, and to create change in an industry that continues to harm innocent children. Call our office today to schedule a free consultation.